How To Adjust Dell Monitor Height? (Lower and Raise)

Changing the height of a Dell monitor might seem a bit daunting, but it’s actually quite simple and can make your office setup much better.

In this guide, I will walk you through:

  • How you can adjust the height of your Dell monitor.
  • And of course the best height for your monitor.

Let’s move on…

So, How to Adjust the Monitor Height?

Raise dell monitor height

To adjust your Dell monitor’s height, use the stand that came with it to raise or lower it. If your monitor didn’t come with a stand, use an additional monitor stand or arm to set the height as you like.


However, there are basically two types of Dell monitors1

One comes with a height-adjustable feature, and the other doesn’t have this feature.

I don’t know which one you are using. But I will describe both of them so you can do that easily.

1) Dell Monitors with Height Adjustment feature

Adjust Dell monitor height using stand

If you have a Dell monitor with adjustable height, you can set it up in under a minute.

Here’s how to adjust the height of your Dell monitor:

  • Sit in your chair and measure the best height for your monitor while using the computer.
  • Locate the stand supporting the monitor.
  • On the stand, you’ll find a knob or lever to change the monitor’s height.
  • Lift the monitor to your desired height and secure it by tightening the knob or lever.

There you go!

Your Dell monitor is now at the right height for you.

Here’s a short video from YouTube:

2) Dell monitors with a non-adjustable height feature mark

If you’re using a monitor that can’t be raised or lowered, you can make it work better by using something called a monitor stand.

☞ Using an extra monitor stand

Use a monitor stand to lower dell monitor height

A monitor stand is a helpful tool that allows you to change the height of your monitor so it’s at the right level for your eyes.

This can make your neck feel better when you’re using your computer. Plus, it can give you more space on your desk because the monitor won’t take up as much room.

To use, just put it on a flat surface and then attach your monitor to it.

Once your monitor is on the stand, you can move it around and tilt it until it’s in the perfect spot for you to see.

Look how it works:

☞ Place your monitor on the CPU or Book.

Can you raise dell monitor height using book

Another great option if you don’t want to buy extra equipment like a stand is to use your book or CPU to raise the monitor comfortably.

For this, place the CPU or your book on the desk and then put your monitor on top.

How to Lower Dell monitor stand?

How to Lower Dell monitor stand

Lowering the height of a Dell monitor is just as easy as raising it. Once you know how to raise it, you will also know how to lower it.

However, here are the steps you can follow to lower the height of your Dell monitor.

☞ Adjust the monitor’s stand: If your Dell monitor has a customizable stand, you can lower it to your preferred height. This can usually be done by loosening any locking mechanisms and sliding the stand down to the desired position.

☞ Utilize a monitor riser: Consider using a monitor riser, which is a device designed to elevate or lower your monitor’s height. These risers are typically adjustable, allowing you to set the ideal height for your comfort.

☞ Modify the wall mount (if applicable): In case your Dell monitor is wall-mounted, you can lower its position by making adjustments to the mount itself. By following the instructions specific to your wall mount, you can lower the monitor to a more comfortable level.

Should you buy an extra monitor stand?

Should you buy an extra monitor stand

Many people don’t think about how comfortable their computer setup is, but making a few easy changes can really help.

An extra monitor stand can improve how you sit and reduce strain on your neck and eyes. It can also keep your keyboard tidy when you’re not using it.

First, think about what material you want the stand to be made from. Second, decide how tall you want it and if you want it to move up and down.

Third, make sure the stand can hold the weight of your monitor. Fourth, consider if you want extra things like speakers or USB ports. Lastly, think about your budget.


Q: Should I consider other factors while adjusting the height of my Dell monitor?


Along with the height adjustment, consider factors like distance from the screen, tilt angle, and viewing angle.

Ensure the monitor is at a comfortable distance, tilted slightly backward, and positioned straight in front of you to minimize strain and optimize viewing experience.

Q: How do I determine the ideal height for my Dell monitor?

To determine the ideal height for your Dell monitor, ensure that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level.

This position allows you to view the screen comfortably without tilting your head up or down.

Q: My Dell monitor stand is locked! How do I unlock it?

The most likely way is to find a small button or switch on the back or side of the stand.

This button or switch will likely be labeled “unlock” or something similar. Pressing this button or switch will usually unlock the stand.

You may need to consult your Dell monitor’s manual if there is no obvious button or switch.

Sometimes, there may be a particular procedure for unlocking the stand.

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