How to Adjust Dell monitor height? (2 Easy Steps)

Adjusting the height of your Dell monitor might seem intimidating, but it’s one of the easiest things you can do to improve your work environment in the office.

By raising or lowering your monitor, you can relieve neck strain and improve your overall posture—plus, doing so is almost as easy as adjusting the volume on your computer!

In this guide, I will explain some different ways you can use to adjust your Dell monitor’s height so that you can focus on the task at hand and feel more comfortable in the process.

How to adjust the Dell Monitor height?

Raise dell monitor height

In short: To get the perfect height for your Dell monitor, use the stand it came with to move it up or down. But if yours doesn’t come with one, use an extra monitor stand or arm to adjust the height to your desired level.

There are two types of Dell monitors. One comes with a height-adjustable feature, and the other doesn’t have this feature.

I don’t know which one you are using. But I will describe both of them so you can do that easily.

1. Dell Monitors with Height Adjustment feature

Adjust Dell monitor height using stand

If you use a height-adjustable dell monitor, you can do this in less than one minute. To adjust your dell monitor height, follow the below steps:

  • First, take measurements to find the ideal viewing height for your Dell monitor. While using the computer, sit up straight in the chair you will be using.
  • Then locate the stand that is holding up the monitor.
  • On the stand, there should be a knob or lever that you can use to adjust the monitor’s height.
  • Now adjust the monitor by pulling upwards on the monitor to the desired height and then tighten the knob or lever to lock it in place.
  • That’s it! Your Dell monitor is now at the correct height.

2. Dell monitors with a non-adjustable height feature mark

If you are using a Non-Height Adjustable monitor, you have to do this with the help of extra equipment like a monitor stand.

☞ Using an extra monitor stand

Use a monitor stand to lower dell monitor height

A monitor stand can help you adjust the height of your monitor to eye level, which can help reduce neck strain. Plus, it can also help you organize your desk by freeing up space on your desktop.

Most monitor stands have adjustable legs to customize the height to your needs.

To use a monitor stand, simply place it on a flat surface and then attach your monitor to the stand. Once your monitor is attached, adjust the tilt and swivel to get the perfect viewing angle.

☞ Place your monitor on the CPU or Book.

Can you raise dell monitor height using book

Another great option if you don’t want to buy extra equipment like a stand is to use your book or CPU to raise the monitor comfortably.

For this, place the CPU or your book on the desk and then put your monitor on top.

Should you buy an extra monitor stand?

Most people don’t think about the ergonomics of their computer setup, but making a few simple adjustments can make a big difference in your comfort.

An extra monitor stand can quickly improve your posture and reduce neck and eye strain. Plus, it can help you stay organized by giving you a place to store your keyboard when you’re not using it.

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First, consider the material you want the stand to be made of. Second, consider the height of the stand and whether you want it to be adjustable.

Third, consider your monitor’s weight and make sure the stand can support it. Fourth, decide if you want additional features like built-in speakers or a USB hub. And finally, think about your budget.


Q. How can I lower the height of my Dell monitor?

After some days, you realized that your Dell monitor was set too high, causing neck strain. Now you want to lower the height of your monitor, but you don’t know how to do that!

Well, there are a few easy ways to lower the height of your monitor.

One way is to adjust the monitor’s stand. If your monitor has a stand that can be changed, lower it to the desired height.

Another way to lower the monitor is to use a monitor riser. Monitor risers are devices you place under your monitor to raise or lower the height. They are usually adjustable so that you can set them to the perfect height for your needs.

Finally, if your monitor is wall-mounted, you can lower it by adjusting the mount.

Q: My Dell monitor stand is locked! How do I unlock it?

The most likely way is to find a small button or switch on the back or side of the stand. This button or switch will likely be labeled “unlock” or something similar. Pressing this button or switch will usually unlock the stand.

You may need to consult your Dell monitor’s manual if there is no obvious button or switch. Sometimes, there may be a particular procedure for unlocking the stand.

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