Are All TV Power Cords The Same (All your Concern Explained)

When it comes to plugging in your TV, you might be wondering if all TV power cords are same!

The answer is no, not all TV power cords are the same.

While some power cords may look similar, there are important differences to consider when selecting the right power cord for your TV.

In this article, I’ll look at the various types of TV power cords, what to think about when picking one, and how to make sure it works with your TV.

Let’s dive in…

  • Different TV brands and models use different types of voltage requirements to power the TV, and for this reason, all cords are not the same.
  • There are over a dozen types of power cables that are commonly used in the United States alone, and each type of power cable connector has its own name.
  • The type of connector required by a TV depends on the TV model and the country it is being used in.


Types of TV Power Cords

There are many different types of TV power cords available, with different connectors and standards being set by their use and the country they are used in.

Here are some of the most common types of power cords:

1) Standard Power Cords

Standard 2 pin tv Power Cords

These are the most basic and widely used power cords for TVs.

They typically feature a two-prong or three-prong connector on one end and a standard electrical plug on the other.

While they work for most TVs, it’s essential to check your TV’s specifications to ensure compatibility.

2) IEC C13/C14 Cords

3 pin tv power cord

These power cords have a distinctive three-prong connector on one end, known as the IEC C13 or C14 connector.

They are commonly used for higher-end TVs and computer monitors.

These cords provide a more secure connection and are less prone to slipping out.

3) Figure-8 Cords

figure 8 tv power cord

Figure-8 cords, as the name suggests, have a figure-eight-shaped connector on one end and a standard plug on the other.

They are often found on smaller TVs and other electronic devices.

While they are generally safe, they may not provide the same level of stability as other cord types.

4) Custom Cords

custom tv power cords

Some TVs come with proprietary power cords that are specifically designed for that model.

These custom cords may not be interchangeable with other TVs, so it’s crucial to keep them safe and avoid misplacing them.

Compatibility issue

Compatibility is the main reason why all TV power cords are not the same.

Different TV brands and models use different types of voltage requirements to power the TV, and using a wrong cord can lead to problems like


Q: Are all TV power cords universal, or do they vary depending on the TV brand and model?

TV power cords are not universal.

They can vary in terms of shape, size, and connector type depending on the specific TV brand and model.

It’s important to use the power cord that came with your TV or a compatible replacement.

Q: Can I use a power cord from one TV with a different TV as long as it fits?

While it may physically fit, it’s not recommended to use a power cord from one TV with a different TV.

Power cords are designed to match the electrical requirements and safety standards of a particular TV model.

Using the wrong cord could lead to electrical issues or even damage to your TV.

Q: What should I consider when selecting a power cord for my TV?

When selecting a power cord for your TV, consider the voltage requirements of your TV.

Avoid overloading the power cord and opt for a longer and thicker extension cord if necessary.

Additionally, think about using a fire code-compliant kit if you plan to hide the power cord behind drywall, and always follow basic safety guidelines when using power strips.

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