What is TV Temporary Glitch? (How It Affect The TV)

Have you ever wondered why your TV sometimes stops working suddenly, displays a blank screen, or certain features become unusable? And why does simple power cycling often solve these issues? “The reason behind this is what we call a “Temporary Glitch.” and I think you don’t know much in detail about this.” Well, In this … Read more

Power Cycling a TV: Why It’s So Effective in Troubleshooting

why power cycling is the first step while troubleshooting a tv

Since the beginning of our journey on Homespoiler.com, I published hundreds of articles providing tons of troubleshooting guides on different TV brands like LG, Hisense, and TCL. Every time I write a troubleshooting guide, I always mark “Power Cycling The TV” as the first step and recommend readers give it a try! However, I haven’t discussed … Read more

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