Roomba Error 6 (Here’s how I Fixed it)

Roomba error 6 fix

If you’re using a Roomba, there’s a good chance you may have come across the Error 6 that Roomba threw when it became stuck over a cliff or when its cliff sensors were dirty. Like other Roomba errors, it seems as if this error message would be straightforward; there are multiple ways to fix this … Read more

Xiaomi’s S10T Robot Vacuum: The First Smart Cleaner with Anti-Tangle Feature


Have your vacuum cleaner got stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be? Maybe the cable snagged or some hair tangled on something, and now it’s in the corner of the room, stuck and inoperable? The new Xiaomi S10T Robot Vacuum from Mi Home offers the first intelligent vacuum cleaner with anti-tangle technology. The S10T uses LDS laser … Read more

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