Why Isn’t TV in 60 FPS, and Will It Ever Be?

Note: The main reason why TV isn’t in 60 FPS is because most video content is recorded at lower frame rates, such as 24 or 30 FPS. TV displays have to use various techniques to match the content’s frame rate to their own refresh rate, which can result in artifacts like the soap opera effect … Read more

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TCL Roku TV Overheating Message: (Any Roku TV)

Note: The solution I mentioned here works with any Roku TV, whether it’s TCL, Onn, or other brands. Just follow the steps I provided.   If your TCL Roku TV displays overheating message, there are two main factors to consider: First, check if you see this message while using apps like HBO Max or Apple … Read more

TCL Roku TV Dark Screen/Picture Dark (100% Fix)

tcl roku tv dark screen fix

A few days ago, I published an article on troubleshooting the black screen issue on a TCL Roku TV. However, in the comment section, I received a significant amount of comments like “Hey, why is my TCL Roku TV picture dark?” and “Why is my TCL TV so dark.” Mebor wrote Homespoiler: “Mine is turning … Read more

TCL Roku TV Stuck on Red Screen/Standby Mode

If your TCL TV is stuck in standby mode or turn on but then stuck on red/startup screen, it means the TV encountered a temporary glitch or the TV’s firmware is corrupted. Most of the time, simply power cycling the TV solves the issue. But if not working in your case, follow the bellow step-by-step … Read more

LG TV Sound Crackling: (Causes and Solutions)

If your LG TV’s sound is crackling, distorted, or cutting out for a few seconds, most of the time it’s due to a malfunctioning speaker, a glitch in the TV’s system, or an issue with the HDMI connection. In general, these are the primary reasons. However, In this article, I will break down everything about … Read more