How to Reset TCL Roku TV (With Black Screen)

how to reset tcl roku tv

Sometimes, when using a TV, you might encounter strange issues like a screen not displaying, freezing on the logo screen, or the TV not responding to the remote control. In such situations, resetting the TCL Roku TV is compulsory! There are two main ways to reset: one is by accessing the TV’s settings menu, and … Read more

TCL Roku TV Not Turning On (Light is On/No Light)

how to fix tcl roku tv not turning on

If your TCL Roku TV is not turning on, the most likely reason is that the TV isn’t receiving proper power. However, if the status light is on or blinking red, there may be an issue with the backlight or the main board. Sah Romij wrote Homespoiler: “I have had this TCL TV for the … Read more