Cable company WOW! to switch to YouTube TV signaling the end of traditional cable TV

It looks like big changes are underway for one major cable television company.

Today, In a surprising move, cable television provider WOW! has announced plans to ditch its traditional cable television service and instead partner with popular streaming platform YouTube TV.

Starting this summer, WOW! will begin moving its remaining TV customers over to YouTube TV.

But that’s not all. WOW! is also planning to sell YouTube TV to new customers, with existing customers receiving special promotional offers to switch to the streaming service.

Why the shift?

Well, cable TV is becoming less profitable, losing millions of subscribers and companies are looking for new avenues to generate revenue. Streaming services have become more popular than traditional cable TV in recent years, thanks to their convenience and the ability to watch content on demand.

CEO of WOW!, Teresa Elder, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that,

We are thrilled to begin offering YouTube TV and give our customers access to this best-in-class pay TV service. We are very pleased to deliver a seamless TV experience to our customers with this new partnership while continuing to execute on our broadband-first strategy,

Elder is confident that this move will enable the company to keep pace with the evolving industry and provide a better experience for its customers.

The shift toward streaming is fueled by declining profitability in traditional cable and increased demand for more flexible viewing options.

With the rise of cord-cutting and streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, many consumers are opting for on-demand access to content without the need for expensive cable packages.

As these trends continue to grow, it’s likely we’ll see even more cable companies following suit and embracing streaming alternatives.

For now, though, one thing remains clear: WOW! customers should prepare themselves for some big changes in their television lineup. Whether those changes ultimately prove positive remains to be seen, but at least they won’t have to miss out on must-see shows and events thanks to poor reception or unexpected blackouts.

Here’s hoping the new YouTube TV offerings live up lives up to all that new cable promises – only time (and our reviews) will tell.