Blue Air purifier Red Light? (Easy Fixes)

Blue Air purifier Red Light fixed

“The red light on a Blue Air purifier is designed to be a helpful alert, not a cause for alarm. It’s simply the purifier’s way of letting you know that it needs some attention, whether it’s a filter change or a quick sensor cleaning.”— Liam Jones, Blue Air Product Specialist So if you are experiencing … Read more

How to clean Levoit Air Purifier? (Completely)

how to clean levoit air purifier

I’ve been using the Levoit Air Purifier for 7 months now. It’s a great, trustworthy, and affordable purifier that offers quality compared to others currently in the market! But when I first got my Levoit Air Purifier, I didn’t know how to clean it correctly. Actually, cleaning a Levoit air purifier is quite simple, and … Read more

How to Clean Blue Air Purifier (Just 2 Minutes)

how to clean blueair purifier

If you own a Blueair air purifier, you know how important it is to keep it clean and functioning properly. Poor air quality can be a major health hazard, and a dirty air purifier can lead to many problems. In this guide, I will break down everything about how to clean Blueair Purifier in an … Read more