Why Does Apple TV+ Have so Much Bangers?

Why Does Apple TV+ Have so Much Bangers

Question: I was scrolling through Reddit yesterday and came across this thread about Apple TV+. People were straight up hypin’ it up, saying the content is fire. Personally, I ain’t really into it ’cause I’m all about Netflix and ESPN. But damn, after reading all those comments, I’m kinda curious now. Why the hell does … Read more

End of password sharing on Netflix: Why have they become so strict in enforcing password sharing?

why netflix is cracking down password sharing

Netflix, the popular streaming service, has long been known for its lax stance on password sharing. They even encouraged users to share their passwords with friends and family members in 2017. Love is sharing a password. — Netflix (@netflix) March 10, 2017 This was a creepy marketing policy and the main motto was like, “Share … Read more