Hisense TV no Sound—(Troubleshooting Guide)

troubleshooting a hisense tv that has no sound

Questions: Q-1) “Homespoiler, last night while streaming shows from my Laptop to TV, I experienced a strange issue. My Hisense TV’s sound wasn’t working, I mean as soon as I connect my Laptop to TV, sound stops working. But TV alone is working fine.”—Jemol Jackson, Washington DC Q-2) “Hello Homespoiler, you guys are doing great. … Read more

Onn vs Hisense TV: You Must Know These Before Buying

Hisense vs onn

While you may think you have to spend excessive money to get a decent television, this isn’t always the case! Suppose you want to save money on your TV but don’t want to skimp on Quality. In that case, several brands offer high-quality televisions at more affordable prices than their competitors. Like other TV brands, … Read more

Hisense TV Remote Not Working? (Fixed)

Hisense TV remote not working fix

Question: Hey Homesploiler, I bought a brand new remote from Amazon about 17 days ago for my Hisense TV. But today when I tried to power on my TV, it wasn’t working. I tried pressing the power button of the remote as hard as I could and taking out both the batteries, but no luck! … Read more

Hisense TV Red Light Blinking (2, 3 or 5 Times)

Hisense TV blinking red light

If you own a Hisense TV, you might have encountered blinking red light issues, be it two, three, or five times! But did you know that these blinks have codes that can help you identify the problem and resolve it quickly and easily? Sounds crazy, Right? Well, I will break down the most common Hisense … Read more

Hisense TV Black Screen issue? (Do these 4 Things)

Hisense TV black screen fix

‘My TV’s screen went black‘ is a common disappointed phrase that almost 95% of Hisense TV users throw around in many social media and TV-related forums. Let me tell you about my own experience. I’ve owned Hisense and TCL TVs for the last two years, and both have been performing as expected until now. However, … Read more

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