Live TV Not Working on Hisense TV (Solved)

Watching live TV is a great way to enjoy your favorite shows, news, sports, and events. However, there might be times when you face issues like the app not loading, showing a black screen, or kicking you out whenever you try to enter. This isn’t a usual problem; it could be due to a system … Read more

Hisense TV Channel Setup (A Complete Guide)

One of the major goals of buying a shiny smart TV is to watch some of your favorite local channels. But setting up a new TV, especially for local channels, sometimes seems to be overwhelming! However, with the right guide, it’s as easy as eating popcorn. In this article, I will walk you through how … Read more

Hisense TV no Reset Button: (So, How To Reset)

how to reset a hisense tv without reset button

Manufacturers usually design their TVs with: A reset button. Volume up and down buttons. HDMI and USB ports. LAN and Antenna connections. Of course, a power button. But some creepy marketing specialist and engineer removed the reset button from many newer TV models. So, every time your TV stops working for some reason, you have … Read more

How to Fix a Bricked Hisense TV?

what to do if your hisense tv is bricked

A few months ago, Hisense released a new OTA firmware update for almost all models. However, after installing the update, many TVs experienced bricking due to software malfunctions, and users are now flooding various Hisense forums on the internet, particularly on Reddit, with numerous complaints. They described the issue as follows: TV is stuck on … Read more