How to Fix a Bricked Hisense TV?

what to do if your hisense tv is bricked

A few months ago, Hisense released a new OTA firmware update for almost all models. However, after installing the update, many TVs experienced bricking due to software malfunctions, and users are now flooding various Hisense forums on the internet, particularly on Reddit, with numerous complaints. They described the issue as follows: TV is stuck on … Read more

Hisense TV Black Screen issue? (100% Working Fixes)

Hisense TV black screen fix

What causes a Hisense TV black screen? The most common reasons for a Hisense TV displaying black screen are loose HDMI connections, faulty LED backlights, or a malfunctioning T-con board. However, when this happens, you will notice one of the following signs: TV’s standby light is on: If the indicator light is blinking red, TV … Read more

Hisense TV won’t Turn On? (How To Fix)

If your Hisense TV isn’t turning on and you see the red light flashing, your TV is dead! That’s simple! Of course, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try, but most of the time, it indicates that either the power board or the mainboard is faulty. Melbon mailed us: “Yesterday, after coming home from … Read more

Hisense TV no Sound/Volume Not Working (100% Fix)

troubleshooting a hisense tv that has no sound

If your Hisense TV has no sound or your Hisense TV volume isn’t working, the most likely culprit is a temporary system glitch. Now, here are two things to consider: You are using an external speaker via HDMI ARC or Optical Out. You are using only the TV’s internal speaker. If you are using only … Read more