LG TV No Signal? (Not connecting to cable)

TV is plagued with a variety of issues, ranging from a refusal to turn on, to getting stuck on the logo screen, to being unable to connect to WiFi. And the “no signal” issue is just one of them. When an LG TV says ‘No signal’, It’s typically due to the TV’s temporary glitch or … Read more

LG TV not Connecting to WiFi? (Check out This)

lg tv not connecting to wifi fix

Question: Homespoiler, I have an LG Smart TV which I bought last year during the Black Friday sale! I have to say, it’s quite impressive, and everything was working fine. However, this morning when I tried to watch my favorite show ‘Money Heist,’ I turned on the Wi-Fi, but it seems to not be connecting. … Read more

Fixed: LG TV Says Wi-Fi Is Turned Off (With Pictures)

how to fix when lg tv says wifi is turned off

Questions: “Homspoiler, I have a 4K LG smart TV. I bought it last year during the Black Friday sales. I actually loved it; it’s been working beyond my expectations. But recently, I’ve been experiencing a strange issue. When I try to connect it to Wi-Fi, it gets connected, but after a while, it automatically disconnects … Read more

LG TV Not Programmed/Channels not working (100% Fix)

lg tv not programmed fix

Channels not working or only displaying “not programmed” message is a quite common issue with LG TVs. In fact, this problem is also prevalent in other top TV brands such as Samsung or Hisense. Recently, one of my readers contacted me and informed me that his TV was displaying the “not programmed” message despite his … Read more

LG TV Won’t Turn on—Black Screen/Red light Flashing

how to fix lg tv won't turn on

“I have been following you since February 2023, but this is the first time I have contacted you. Today, I experienced a strange issue with my LG TV. When I press the power button, the standby light blinks, but the TV screen remains black. I don’t know exactly why my LG TV won’t turn on, … Read more

LG TV AirPlay Not Working? (Here’s what to Do)

why isn't airplay not working on my LG TV

“I have owned an LG smart TV for 2 years now and everything has been working fine until today. Usually, I use airplay to stream content to my LG TV, but today when I tried to use it, it didn’t work. I’ve restarted both my TV and phone, but it still won’t connect. What could … Read more

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