Split Screen on LG TV (How To Use This Feature?)

How to Split Screen on LG TV

Splitting the screen, in other words, enjoying multiple shows/videos on a single TV at the same time, is one of the most attractive features of LG TV. You can split the screen on your LG TV using two different methods. One method is by using the ‘Multiview‘ feature, and the other is by enabling the … Read more

LG TV Picture in Picture (How To Enable It?)

how to enable LG TV Picture in Picture mode

LG TV comes with a bunch of features and functionality and one of the best things it provides is Picture in Picture mode to split the screen into two different windows. But 40% of LG users don’t know this! Mevu wrote Homespoiler, “Yesterday, I saw some folks talking about LG TV’s Picture in Picture mode … Read more

LG TV Blinking On and Off/Flickering (Here’s 100% Fixes)

Recently, I have been asked about an issue with LG TVs blinking on and off/flickering screens from one of my readers. From his message, I realized that his LG TV’s screen is just flickering on and off. Only a little LG cube/logo comes on, comes off, comes on, comes off! Often, when he connects to … Read more

LG TV No Signal? (Not connecting to cable)

TV is plagued with a variety of issues, ranging from a refusal to turn on, to getting stuck on the logo screen, to being unable to connect to WiFi. And the “no signal” issue is just one of them. When an LG TV says ‘No signal’, It’s typically due to the TV’s temporary glitch or … Read more