Onn TV Remote not Working/Red light (100% Fixes)

Onn tv remote not working fix

When an Onn remote stops working, malfunctioning batteries or a temporary system glitch on the TV are typically the primary culprits. If a temporary glitch cause this, a simple power reset is enough to fix this but if the batteries and the other components are malfunctioning, you need to perform some complex troubleshooting.. In this … Read more

Onn TV Won’t Turn on/Red Light Flashing (100% Fixes)

onn tv won't turn on

When an Onn Roku TV won’t turn on, malfunctioning power board, loose or damaged cable connection, or the TV’s temporary system glitch are typically the primary culprits. If the TV has stopped working due to an internal circuit glitch, you can easily fix this by power cycling (not rebooting). However, if it is caused by … Read more

Onn TV Stuck on Photo Screen/USB Mode? (Must Do This)

onn tv stuck on photo screen fix

Getting stuck on the photo mode/screen is a pretty common issue for Onn TV users. But sometimes, it gets annoying when going to catch favorite shows. However, troubleshooting this issue is usually pretty simple. Sometimes it just requires a power reset, but other times it may require more advanced troubleshooting. In this article, I will … Read more