TCL TV Backlight Not Working? Here’s What I Did

tcl roku tv backlight not working fix

Yesterday at night, I was excited to watch my all-time favorite show—Money Heist. I powered on my TCL TV and was waiting to power it on, but even after two minutes, its screen remained black. At first, I thought “TV might be not getting power; either the power cord has been damaged or the outlet … Read more

How to reset TCL Roku TV (With Black Screen)

how to reset tcl roku tv

Sometimes, when using a TV, you might encounter strange issues like a screen not displaying, freezing on the logo screen, or the TV not responding to the remote control. In such situations, resetting your TCL Roku TV is compulsory! There are two ways to reset the TV: one is by accessing the TV’s settings menu, … Read more

TCL Roku TV not Turning on? (Do This Now)

how to fix tcl roku tv not turning on

“Time and technology wait for no one; electronic damage can strike at any moment.” That’s a universal truth, and your TCL Roku TV is no exception. You can’t prevent an electronic device like a TV from getting damaged. But once it malfunctions, several options are available to troubleshoot! Typically, when a TCL Roku TV won’t … Read more

TCL TV Reset Button Location (No reset Button?)

tcl roku tv reset button location

Every TV brand features a physical power and reset button at the bottom or back of the TV, and TCL TVs are no exception. However, sometimes you might have difficulty finding it, or you may not find it in your model at all. So, if you can’t find the reset button, how can you reset … Read more

Turn on TCL Roku TV without Remote? (3 Methods)

ways to turn on tcl roku tv without remote

It is quite common for a TV remote to break or get misplaced at any time. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t turn on your TV. Remote is simply a handy tool that makes your job a bit easier and more comfortable! However, there are many ways to turn on a TCL Roku TV even … Read more

TCL Roku TV Black Screen? (Here’s 100% Fixes)

troubleshooting tcl roku tv black screen issue

TCL TV is great, but it experiences a lot of issues in its lifespan. Among them, the black screen issue is pretty common. In some cases, this happens due to the TV’s temporary system glitches, but in most cases, it is caused by hardware-related damage. In this guide, I will break down the TCL TV’s … Read more

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