How To Secure TCL Roku TV From Hacking

tips to Secure TCL Roku TV

It’s funny to hear someone say, “My Smart TV got hacked by a hacker.” But the truth is, like any other connected device, TVs are vulnerable to security threats. With the increasing popularity of smart TVs that can connect to the internet and run apps, the risk of hacking has also increased. As per NordVPN, … Read more

How to Reset TCL Roku TV (With Black Screen)

how to reset tcl roku tv

Sometimes, when using a TV, you might encounter strange issues like a screen not displaying, freezing on the logo screen, or the TV not responding to the remote control. In such situations, resetting is compulsory! There are two ways to reset a TCL Roku TV: one is by accessing the TV’s settings menu, and the … Read more

TCL TV Reset Button Location: (No Reset Button?)

tcl roku tv reset button location

All TV brands have a power and reset button somewhere on the TV, usually located at the bottom or back. This includes TCL TVs as well. However, there may be instances when you struggle to locate it or realize that your specific model doesn’t have this button. So, if you can’t find the reset button, … Read more