6 (Proven) Ways to Fix if your Hisense TV Remote Not Working

Hisense TV remote not working fix

Is your Hisense TV remote not working? Furthermore, have you recently bought a Hisense TV, only to find that the remote isn’t working? You’re not alone! Many people experience this issue when they try to turn on their TV. You can’t blame Hisense, though; their remotes are built off of universal remotes created by one … Read more

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Fixed! Hisense TV Black Screen issue (Only 5 Things to Do)

Hisense TV black screen fix

A step-by-step guide to fixing the Hisense TV black screen issue! Although Hisense TVs are famous for their sleek designs and low prices, the manufacturer may have overlooked a few details in its latest smart TVs, leaving users scratching their heads. Sometimes the screen stops displaying anything or remains black even if the TV is … Read more

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