Will Roomba Fall down stairs? (Why, when and how to Fix it)

does roomba fall down the stairs

Roomba will fall down the stairs unless you do the following things! Anyone who has ever owned a Roomba knows these tiny robotic vacuum cleaners are handy, but they also know that sometimes they seem to go rogue. One minute it’s vacuuming the living room, and the next, it’s falling down the stairs or scurrying … Read more

Roomba Charging Dock light goes off (is it normal?)

roomba charging dock light goes off

As Roomba is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market, it has some unique features and functionalities. In many models, the light on the charging dock goes off after you place the Roomba on the home base, but what does this mean? Well, some reasons exist why this light blinks and then goes off; … Read more

Roomba not connecting to WiFi? (No More Frustration)

solving roomba wifi connection issue

WiFi connectivity is a crucial aspect of the Roomba experience, as it allows users to control and schedule their devices using a smartphone app. However, almost 75% of users have reported issues with Roomba’s WiFi connection. These range from the device not connecting to WiFi at all, to beeping while charging, to receiving error messages … Read more

How to Reset a Roomba? (2 Ways for any Model)

How to reset roomba

Undoubtedly, Roomba is a sought-after robotic vacuum cleaner that simplifies home cleaning. However, at times it may exhibit odd behavior such as connectivity issues with Wi-Fi, error messages, beeping while charging, or poor cleaning performance. All these problems are can be easily troubleshot by a factory reset. In this article, I will explain when you … Read more

Roomba keeps Beeping on charger? (Do this 4 things)

roomba keeps beeping on charger

Even though Roomba is a highly efficient robotic vacuum cleaner, the constant beeping and the “uh oh” sound it makes while charging, can be a real pain for anyone. A lot of people have complained about this issue. Despite its cleaning abilities, the beeping issue on the charger can make the Roomba feel more like … Read more

Roomba Error 7 (How to solve This?)

Roomba error 7

Error 7 is a common error code that can occur on Roomba vacuums. This error code indicates that the side wheels of your Roomba experiencing issue moving or spinning. This error also head-up when there is an issue with the brush and motors. However, In this article, we will take a closer look at what … Read more

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