How To Fix Dyson Airwrap Blinking Red Light/White

There are several reasons why your Dyson Airwrap is flashing red light , such as the filter is heavily dirty or the airflow is somehow blocked.

But if the air vents and the filter are clean, there is another underlying issue!

Maybe the internal air grate is tangled with hair or dust.

Rebeka wrote Homespoiler:

“I’ve had Dyson Airwrap for 3 months now, and it was working perfectly fine. Today, I plugged it in and pressed the power button, hoping to style my hair, but now red light flashing on dyson airwrap. Cleaned the filter and air vents, no luck. F**king brand, wasted my 600$.”—Rebeka, California

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In this article, I will break down why your Dyson Airwrap is blinking red light and it’s not working, and what you have to do if cleaning the filter doesn’t fix this issue.

Let’s dive in…

Why is my Dyson Airwrap Flashing Red/White

why does my dyson airwrap blinking light

Most of the time, when red light flashes on the Dyson Airwrap, it’s a sign of a clogged filter, blocked airflow, or overheating.

However, there are two main factors to consider:

♦ Red Light Flashing on Dyson Airwrap:

If you see your Dyson Airwrap flashing red light, it means that the device is not getting enough airflow. This can be caused by several factors, such as clogged filters or a blockage in the airflow path.

In some cases, this may also indicate a problem with the internal circuit board or overheating of the device.

♦ Dyson Airwrap Blinking White Light:

Similarly, if you see your Dyson Airwrap flashing white light, it means the air vent is clogged with dust or the internal grate is tangled with hair.

Often, you might notice that your Airwrap keeps shutting off. This is also caused by the aforementioned issues!

That’s it…

How to Fix This Issue?

  • Clean the filter thoroughly.
  • Clean the internal Grate.
  • Power Cycle the Airwrap.
  • Replace the mainboard.


Here are detailed guidelines:

Step 1: Power Cycle the device (Don’t Skip)

dyson airwrap flashing light

I know this is something no one even wants to hear, even me.

But it really works!

If you think the filter is clean and the device is blinking without reason, power cycling would be the solution.

Here’s how:

  • Completely disconnect the Airwrap from the power outlet.
  • Let it sit for at least 30 minutes until it cools down.
  • During this time, press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds.
  • Once done, power it back on.

Check whether the Airwrap is still blinking.

If the issue persists, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Clean the filter properly (You did Wrong)

clean the airwrap filter

You might have cleaned the filter several times, but it’s still blinking!


It’s possible that the filter is still dirty or the air vent is still blocked. Maybe you haven’t properly cleaned it as much as it needs

Here’s how to clean the Airwrap filter properly:

  • Before starting the process, unplug the device from the outlet. (It’s mainly for safety purposes to prevent you from getting shocked when cleaning.)Clean dyson airwrap filter
  • Take the brush and pass it through the cable. Pull the brush over the hair styler after you’ve inserted it through the cable. Now rotate the bristles in a circular motion around the air filter.Dyson Airwrap blinking light
  • Pull the bottom air filter slowly out of the hair styler, but do not remove it from the cable.Dyson Airwrap blinking red light
  • Spin the filter cleaner brush in a circular motion around the uncovered air filter and blow away any accumulated dust.Rotate the brush
  • You can also wash the filter using tap water. But after washing, let it dry completely.wash dyson airwrap filter
  • Finally, place the air filter piece back on.

Now, again, check whether the Dyson Airwrap is still flashing a white or red light. If not, congratulations!

You fixed it

You can also soak the air filter in a detergent/shampoo solution for 5-10 minutes for proper cleaning. The filter uses a dual-layered filtration system with an 85-micron mesh to protect the hair dryer’s internal components from contaminants. So, soaking it in a detergent solution for 5-10 minutes is the best cleaning procedure, in my opinion!

Step 3: Tangled Hair in the motor/grate

dyson airwrap Tangled Hair in the motor

Remember, this is very rare, but not impossible

Brucetelford said;

“I had the same problem finally solved it. There are two small stars screws at the base near the metal screens. Remove those and pull off the screen assembly. It’s a little scary, but it does come off easily enough then about an inch and a half inside the body of the dryer there’s another little grate. Ours was clogged with hair and dust. It took a pair of tweezers to reach in there and pull it out. I have no idea how the hair got inside the body, as I would think that the metal filter would have prevented that.”

So, do what she advised.

Or you can follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the Dyson Airwrap from the power outlet for safety.
  • Carefully inspect the barrels, attachments, and any other openings for visible hair or debris. Use a small brush or tweezers to remove any obstructions gently.
  • If you can’t see any tangled hair from the outside, you may need to open the device slightly (if possible) to access the internal grate or fans. Be extremely cautious during this process to avoid damaging the device or voiding the warranty.
  • Using a flashlight, check for hair or debris inside the device. If you can see any, gently remove it with a brush, tweezers, or compressed air.

Hope this will help! Let me know in the comment box…

Step 4: Replace the Motherboard

dyson airwrap motherboard damaged

If you have tried all of the above methods and the Airwrap is still flashing red, one of its internal circuits may have been fried or stopped working correctly.

This could be due to poor preservation, water damage, or other issues.

In such cases, the only option is to contact Dyson for further assistance. Another good news is that If you purchased your Dyson Airwrap within the last two years, you could file a warranty claim.

But keep in mind that the warranty covers only the following issues:

  • Manufacturer’s defects
  • “Breakdowns”
  • Cracked or broken pieces

Note: The warranty will not cover day-to-day damage, irresponsible maintenance, and modifications. Dyson will send you a new product for free if they cannot fix the defective component in your appliance.


Q. What does the blinking red light mean on the Dyson Airwrap?

The blinking red light means that the device is overheating and it needs to cool down.

This may be caused by a blocked or dirty filter that reduces the airflow. You can fix this by cleaning the filter and resetting the plug.

Q. Dyson Airwrap flashing red even after cleaning the filter

If your Airwrap is still continuously flashing even after you’ve cleaned the filter, it’s that the filter needs to be replaced or the motherboard has been damaged!

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