(Fixed) Dyson Bin Release Stuck (V10, V8 and V11)

Note: The method I will mention here will work on a wide range of models, such as Dyson V7, V8, V10, V11, and V15. The process is same; you just need to follow what I suggest to do.


If your Dyson vacuum’s bin release is stuck, or you can’t open it, the most likely culprit is the bin release itself.

Perhaps the release mechanism is broken or stuck with debris, gunk accumulation, or something similar.

You might be saying, “Oh, I can’t open my Dyson to empty the rubbish.”


Well, in this article, I will break down why your Dyson bin release is stuck and exactly what you have to do to get it working again.

Let’s dive into it…

Why I can’t open my Dyson to Empty The Rubbish?

Dyson bin release button stuck, can not open

You can’t open your Dyson to empty the rubbish because the release mechanism is broken or stuck with debris.

But why does it get stuck or broken?

Well, Dyson bin release mechanism can get stuck over time due to overuse, misuse, and abuse.

For example, if you finish vacuuming your family room carpet but leave the vacuum without emptying the dirty bin, some of those carpet fibers will end up on the lid.

As time goes by, these crumbs get stuck in the release mechanism, causing it to become jammed and preventing you from opening the canister to empty your Dyson.

How to Fix Dyson Bin Release Stuck Issue?

  • Make sure the release button is not obstructed in any way.
  • If something is blocking the button, remove it.
  • If the release button is clear but still stuck, try pressing and holding the button for a few seconds.
  • Sometimes, the release mechanism needs a little help getting started.


Depending on the model of your vacuum, the process may be slightly different. So, I have divided them according to the different models.

Here’s the step:

1) Dyson V10 Bin Release Stuck

If your Dyson V10 bin release is stuck, just press the button forcefully, and the release mechanism should become unstuck.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Look carefully! You will see that the red lever button locks onto an outpouching area on the main device (see picture)See the gray button
  • Apply some pressure simultaneously on the grey column below the red clip, and the red clip will click forward.Press the lever button
  • Once you press it with force, the bin will open for garbage removal.

I hope this simple hack will help you to fix the issue. Let me know in the comment box.

Tip: Sometimes, applying a small amount of dry lubricant to the moving parts can also help resolve this issue.

2) Dyson V11 bin release stuck

Similarly, if your Dyson V11 bin release is stuck, just press the button very hard, and the release mechanism should become unstuck.

Here’s how you can unstuck the bin:

  • Dyson V10 and V11 look the same. So follow the method I discussed for V10. If it doesn’t work, then move to the next step.
  • Try gently pressing and releasing the bin release button a few times. Sometimes the mechanism can get stuck in the “pressed” position and just needs a little help to get back to the “released” place.

On the other hand, slightly release the canister by pressing the 1/2″ lever at the bottom and sliding it as much as possible before prying the lid.

Look at the image:

Dyson bin can't open fix

It’s scary and seems like you’re going to break it, but there’s just a lot of suction in the center. Once the lid is open, you should be able to close it correctly by pulling up normally on the main red lever at the top (top first, then lid).

Preventing Dyson Bin Release Issues

Prevention is always better than cure.

Here are some tips to prevent future bin release problems:

⇒ Regular maintenance: Perform regular maintenance on your Dyson vacuum, including cleaning the filter and bin. Additionally, check for any signs of wear or damage in the bin release mechanism and address them promptly.

⇒ Proper Handling and Storage: Handle your Dyson vacuum with care and avoid dropping it or subjecting it to unnecessary impacts. Also, store the vacuum in a safe and dry place when not in use.

Empty the bin regularly: A full dustbin can hinder the bin release from opening smoothly. Make sure to empty the bin regularly to prevent this from happening.

⇒ Clean the bin and cyclone: Cleaning the bin and cyclone regularly can help prevent the bin from sticking. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.


Q: My Dyson vacuum is new, but the bin release seems stiff. Is this normal?

In some cases, new Dyson vacuums may have slightly stiff bin releases due to the tightness of the components.

However, with regular use, it should gradually become smoother. If the stiffness persists or worsens, reach out to Dyson support.

Q: Can a full dustbin cause the Dyson bin release to get stuck?

Yes, a full dustbin might hinder the bin release from opening smoothly.

Ensure the vacuum is turned off, and then remove and empty the dustbin regularly to prevent any complications with the bin release mechanism.

Q: My Dyson bin release won’t open even though the dustbin is empty. What should I do?

If the bin release remains stuck despite an empty dustbin, try checking for any visible debris or objects lodged around the release button or inside the bin compartment.

Gently clean and remove any obstructions to free up the bin release.

Q: Could a damaged bin release button be the reason for it being stuck?

Yes, a damaged or broken bin release button can lead to the issue.

Inspect the button for any visible damage, and if found, contact Dyson support to order a replacement part or schedule a repair.

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  1. Thanks for your article it’s really helpful. I have been able to follow it to empty however when I put everything back together it just gets stuck again – Any tips on preventing this? I have a V8

  2. I just purchased a V10 Absolute and used it once for 20 mins. The first time I emptied was fine however the second time the bin would not go beyond half way and the lid did not open. This really is a record for a device failing. Before you ask, it was brand new out of the box and I have notified the retailer who is very reputable and will no doubt refund me. I will never touch another Dyson, this is simply bad design.

  3. Those instructions for the v10 also worked my v12. What a lifesaver! I searched for any solution for over an hour before I found this. I actually thought maybe I was just going to have to trash the whole unit. Thanks!


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