Fake NID maker (Smart NID card Facebook Verification)

Fake nid maker

You may want to create a fake NID card to fool your friends! Or maybe your Facebook account has been locked by illegal activities, and now you want to recover your account.

Don’t worry! We have made a fantastic tool for you. With the help of our fake id card maker, you can easily make a fake ID in a couple of minutes and fool your friends. You will also be able to recover your lost Facebook and Instagram accounts without hassle.

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Note: It is a prank tool. The IDs generated by this tool are for entertainment purposes only. It would be best if you did not use this ID for official business or illegal activities because they are not actual government IDs.

Fake NID Maker

Select Card Type:

Name (in English):
NID (10 Digits):
নাম (বাংলায়):
পিতার নাম (বাংলায়):
মাতার নাম (বাংলায়):
Signature (in English):
Image: (Choose a formal Pic, Max. 800 KB)
বাসা/হোল্ডিং (বাংলায়):
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ডাকঘর (বাংলায়):
উপজেলা (বাংলায়):
জেলা (বাংলায়):
Place of Birth (in English):
Issue Date:

Though we did our best to make this Fake ID card look as authentic as possible, please do not use it as an actual ID card! They are solely for entertainment and pranking with your buddies.

Introducing our Fake smart ID maker

Fake smart card maker

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own fake nid smart card? With the news that the state government may soon be coming out with its own version of an official smart card.

So it’s important to know how to make a fake smart card if you’ve already got one so that you can ensure that your personal information remains safe and secure!

Fake nid card
Is it a real ID? No
How to make a Fake ID? Fill out the box and submit
Will it unlock Facebook ID? Yes

how to make fake NID cards for Facebook verification?

Well, it is pretty simple to create a fake id card for Facebook using our tool. First, you enter your name, your father’s, and your mother’s names. Then type a random number in the “nid number” field as your NID number.

You can enter any random number, but it should be at least ten digits. After that, upload your picture and select your date of birth. Finally, click on the “create” button, and your card will be ready in a second.

Do fake smart nid cards work for Facebook verification?

There are many online tools that claim to be able to create fake smart nid cards, but do they actually work?

While some people have had success using these tools to verify their identity on Facebook, others have not been so lucky. It seems that the Facebook verification process is constantly changing and evolving.

So it’s hard to say whether or not a fake smart nid card will work at any given time. If you’re considering using one of these tools, be aware that there is no guarantee of success.

The benefits of a fake id

A fake NID card can come in handy for a variety of reasons. Maybe you lost your real ID and need a temporary replacement. Or maybe you’re going to recover your Facebook id and don’t want to use your real id.

Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to having a fake ID.

Should you use this card in any place?

No, you should not use this card for any serious purpose. This tool was just created only for entertainment and prank purposes. If you use the fake nid generated from this tool seriously, we are not liable for any issue. So, be careful.

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