GE Dishwasher Beeps 3 Times/Won’t start (Solved)

Imagine, you have finished your dinner and now properly loaded your GE dishwasher with the dirty dishes to have them cleaned.

You closed the door and pressed the ‘Start‘ button. But after a few seconds, the ‘Start‘ button LED began to blink. You heard 3 beeps, and the water inside the dishwasher is stuck!

What could be the issue? Is your dishwasher damaged?

Calm down! Your dishwasher isn’t damaged or you don’t need any costly repair.

In this article, I will explain why your GE dishwasher is not starting and beeping 3 times, and provide you with troubleshooting steps to address this issue.

Explanation of 3 beeps on the GE Dishwasher

reasons why ge dishwasher beeps three times

Typically, when you start your dishwasher, you should hear a beep after closing the door and pressing the start button, indicating that the washing cycle has begun.

However, if you hear 3 beeps instead, it means that your dishwasher is having trouble detecting whether the door is securely closed.

The three-beep pattern is a common indication of a door latch switch problem, which prevents the dishwasher from running. A failed door latch switch can cause the dishwasher to beep three times and prevent it from starting the washing cycle.

Look at the following data table:

Possible causes of 3 beeps Solutions
Door latch switch failure Check and replace the latch switch
Stuck on the washing cycle Reset the dishwasher
Electronic control board malfunction Replace the main board

Steps to troubleshoot 3 beeps issue on GE Dishwasher

In short: To troubleshoot your GE dishwasher that beeps 3 times, first hard reset it by turning off the breaker for 5 minutes. Then, check the door latch switch for any damage or failure. If the switch seems to be damaged, replace it with a new one.

Step 1: Hard reset the dishwasher

resetting the ge dishwasher by turning off the circuit breaker

Before testing the door latch and switch, perform a hard reset. Sometimes the dishwasher can experience internal software glitches which force it to behave in unexpected ways even though the door is closed properly.

Here’s how:

  • Unplug the dishwasher from the power outlet or switch off the circuit breaker.
  • Then, leave the dishwasher off for at least 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, plug it back in or turn on the circuit breaker.

Now, recheck to see if it solves the issue. If it does not, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Test the door latch switch

testing ge dishwasher's door latch switch

There’s an easy way to check the door latch switch to determine whether it is faulty or defective. You don’t need to disassemble it from the door and then check it with a multimeter.

Here’s how:

  • Hold the “Cycle Select” and “Start” pads simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • Close the dishwasher door while still holding down the two pads.

Now, observe carefully! If the control board detects that the door is closed, all the LEDs will remain solid for 10 seconds. However, if the control board detects that the door is open, the LEDs will blink for 10 seconds.

What happened in your case? Did all the LEDs remain solid when you closed the door? If yes, the door latch switch is functioning correctly. However, if the LED lights blink for 10 seconds, then the door latch switch is faulty.

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If the door latch switch seems defective, replace it with a new one, which will most likely fix your problem.

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Step 3: Inspect the control board

checking ge dishwasher's control board

If replacing the door latch switch does not resolve the issue, it is likely that the control board is faulty. In this scenario, you will need to replace the entire control board to restore the dishwasher’s functionality.

WARNING: Be sure to purchase the correct control board for your dishwasher model. Using the wrong one can cause damage to your dishwasher or render it inoperable.

Here’s a video guide that can assist you in replacing the main board on your own.


Q: Can I clean the door latch switch instead of replacing it?

In some cases, cleaning the door latch switch fixes this problem. You can try cleaning it with a soft cloth or brush and some contact cleaner.

However, if the switch is visibly damaged or if cleaning doesn’t help, it’s best to replace it.

Q: What are some signs that my dishwasher’s control board may be failing?

Some common signs that your dishwasher’s control board may be failing include the dishwasher not starting, the lights not turning on, and the dishwasher not completing a cycle.

Additionally, you may notice error codes displayed on the control panel or strange noises coming from the dishwasher.

Q: Is it safe to replace the control board myself?

Yeah, it is possible and is a relatively simple task. However, if you are unfamiliar with electrical components and lack basic DIY skills, call an experienced repair professional to do the job for you.

Q: Why is my GE dishwasher beeping 3 times when I try to start it?

The 3 beeps indicate that the dishwasher doesn’t think the door is shut properly. This can be typically caused by a faulty door latch switch or an issue with the control board.

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