Get $100 Off NFL Sunday Ticket with FanDuel and YouTube TV Partnership!

Google and FanDuel, a popular sports betting company, are working together to bring you an awesome deal.

This deal is all about the NFL Sunday Ticket, which lets you watch lots of exciting sports games.

Starting right now, if you’re new to FanDuel and you join their sports betting service and make a small bet of $5, you’ll get a huge $100 discount on the NFL Sunday Ticket.

This means that the regular price of the YouTube TV base Ticket, which is usually $349, will now be only $249 because of the $100 discount.

Similarly, the YouTube Primetime Channels version of the Ticket, originally priced at $449, will now cost $349 due to this discount.

Just to clarify, the YouTube services were already offering a $50 discount for the Ticket, but the FanDuel discount will be on top of that. If you choose the YouTube TV Ticket subscription, you’ll also need to keep paying $72.99 per month for the streaming service. However, if you go for the YouTube Primetime Channels version, you won’t need an additional subscription.


That’s a lot of money saved! This cool offer will be available until September 18th.

Mike Raffensperger, who is in charge of making deals at FanDuel, says this partnership with Google is a big deal. He’s really excited because now people can easily watch lots of games that they couldn’t see before. 

He said:

“This partnership makes FanDuel the only category partner making it easier for fans to access every out-of-market Sunday afternoon NFL game and elevates the sports betting and entertainment experience for millions of fans across the United States.”

The best part is that this special offer works on both YouTube TV and regular YouTube.

If you’d like to review the Terms and Conditions of this offer, here’s the link: