Hisense TV Black Screen issue? (Do these 4 Things)

My TV’s screen went black‘ is a common disappointed phrase that almost 95% of Hisense TV users throw around in many social media and TV-related forums.

Let me tell you about my own experience. I’ve owned Hisense and TCL TVs for the last two years, and both have been performing as expected until now.

However, problems chose my Hisense TV. On December 17th, 2022, I came back from the office, and my wife, Adiba Islam, informed me that our Hisense TV screen had gone black without any reason.

At first, I thought it was just a temporary glitch and that the screen would come back on after a few minutes. But as time passed, I realized that there was something more serious going on because it started blinking red.

I posted this issue on many social media platforms and contacted Hisense customer care. In response, they advised me on some troubleshooting steps.

I followed their advice exactly, but unfortunately, my TV didn’t come back. However, I did realize what the problem was.

In this article, I will explain what they advised me to do, what my TV’s problem was, and what you need to do to troubleshoot this issue.

Reasons why your Hisense TV screen may go, Black

Why hisense tv show black screen

Several reasons exist that could force your TV to go black. Some of the most common causes include faulty cable connections, faulty input, corrupted firmware, or damaged hardware such as a burned-out backlight or a fried motherboard.

Black screens on TVs can often be attributed to problems with cable connections or firmware.

When cables are loose or damaged, data flow between the TV and the source device can be disrupted, causing display issues.

Look at the bellow table:

Reason for Black Screen Solution
Faulty cable connections Check all cables and ensure they are properly connected. Replace any damaged cables.
Faulty input Check the input source and ensure it is correctly connected to the TV. Try switching to a different input source to see if the problem persists.
Corrupted firmware Update the TV’s firmware using a USB Flash drive. But before that, you can perform a factory reset.

How to troubleshoot Hisense TV Black Screen issue?

In short: When your Hisense TV screen goes black, the first step is to perform a power reboot. If this does not resolve the issue, check the TV’s backlight and replace it if necessary.

Step 1: Do what people ignore

Hisense TV dim screen fix

You may be wondering what I mean by this phrase. When Hisense replied to me, they told me to do something that people usually ignore.

I explained that I had already tried it, but they suggested a different approach.

Here’s what I did:

  • I disconnected the TV from the power source and any other connected devices.
  • I waited 60 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • While the TV was unplugged, I pressed and held the TV’s power button for 30 seconds.

Do the same as I did and then turn the TV back on. Now check if the issue has been resolved. If not, move on to the next step.

Repeat this method at least 5 times. Sometimes, the first and second attempts may not work, but the third or fifth attempt could solve the issue. You never know which attempt will work for you.

Step 2: Choose the correct input

Fixing hisense tv black display issue

Power rebooting should solve the problem. If it doesn’t, check that the TV is connected to the correct input source. Sometimes, selecting the wrong input can trigger the black screen issue.

Regardless of whether you use a streaming device, a DVD player, or a cable box, ensure that your TV source and input match the number of HDMI ports in use.

Thinking of a factory reset? You can surely do this. But there is less chance that this will be effective in these cases. Better proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Perform a backlight testing

Hisense TV led backlight is damaged

As I mentioned previously, the backlight issue could be the major reason why the Hisense TV screen goes black.

Backlight is responsible for displaying the images and videos on the TV. If the backlight burned out or is damaged by any sudden power surges, a black screen issue is a must.

How do you know if the backlight has been damaged? Well, there is an easy way to check this.

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Bring a flashlight very close to the screen.
  • Flash the light on the TV screen.
  • Look closely at the screen to see if there is any image.

If you see a picture, but it’s very dim, it’s likely that your TV’s backlight has been damaged and needs to be replaced. In such a case, go to the nearest TV repair center and ask them to repair it.

Step 4: Test the TV’s T-con or Motherboard

Hisense TV motherboard issue

If none of the above steps solve the issue and your Hisense TV still displays a black screen and won’t turn on, it’s possible that some internal components, like the T-con board, may be damaged.

The T-con board connects to the mainboard and controls the images on the screen. If it’s damaged, the screen will remain black.

So the solution? Replace the damaged part and your TV will start working again. That’s it!


Q: How do I know if the problem with my Hisense TV black screen is hardware or software related?

If your Hisense TV black screen issue persists after trying basic troubleshooting steps, it’s likely a hardware problem.

However, if the issue is resolved after updating the TV’s software or resetting the TV, it may be a software-related issue.

Q: How much does it cost to repair a TV that has a black screen?

The cost to repair a TV’s black screen issue can vary depending on the model and the specific issue causing the problem. It’s best to contact a professional for a quote.

Q. Where can I find the LED backlight for my Hisense TV?

You can buy LED backlights for your TV from Amazon, eBay, or your local vendor. However, if you are not skilled in TV repair, don’t do it yourself. Otherwise, there is a possibility that your TV display will be totally damaged.

Q: Is it possible to repair my TV black screen myself?

It may be possible to troubleshoot this issue in some cases yourself. But, it’s best to leave any complicated repairs to a professional to avoid causing further damage to the TV.

8 thoughts on “Hisense TV Black Screen issue? (Do these 4 Things)”

    • Its may be a software-related error and hopefully a factory reset may fix this. But if it doesn’t work, visit your nearest TV repair shop or try to manually update your TV’s firmware via a USB Flash drive.

      • My problem is that I can’t seem to find the reset hole at all. I’ve looked 10 different times with ample lighting. My tv comes on and loads to the home screen and I can see my app then it’s like something loads and it goes black. Doesn’t give me a chance to navigate anywhere or anything. Is it possible that there is NO reset hole on TV? Thank you in advance!

  1. I’m having the same problem started yesterday trying to unplug but when I press remote button the red light from TV disappeared and stay black

    • Do this instead:

      • Disconnected the TV from the power source and any other connected devices.
      • Wait 60 seconds before plugging it back in.
      • While the TV was unplugged, Press and held the TV’s power button for 30 seconds.

      Repeat this method at least 5 times. Sometimes, the first and second attempts may not work, but the third or fifth attempt could solve the issue. You never know which attempt will work for you.


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