You’ll Never Have a Clogged Sink Again with This Water Bottle Hack…!

“Ugh, my Kitchen sink is clogged and water is blocked”

What about you? Does this ever happen to you?

Basically, It’s a widespread issue for many households, especially when a plunger isn’t readily available.

In this 2-minute DIY hack, I will show you an awesome trick to easily unclog your blocked kitchen sink and deodorize the dirty hose. I’m sure it can help you a lot at home.

Here we go, Let’s dive into it…

Note: This is just a hack. I personally tried it in my home and I was successful. Be careful when trying it yourself.

Step 1) Gather materials

To perform this properly, you will need the following things:

  • A plastic water bottle (1/2 liter)
  • One tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Dish soap or white vinegar.
  • Boiling water.

Step 2) Prepare the Water Bottle

filling water bottol with water

Take a plastic water bottle and fill it with water. Set it aside for later use.

You can use any kind of bottle, but make sure it’s soft enough to create strong water pressure.

Step 3) Add the Ingredients

adding baking soda and dish soap

Add one full tablespoon of baking soda directly to the sink drain. Then add dish soap or white vinegar, as much as you feel is necessary.

Step 4) Pour Boiling Water

pouring hot water to the sink

Boil some water and pour it directly into the drain. This will activate the ingredients and start the cleaning process.

Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot water.

Step 5) Now use the water bottle

pressing the water bottol very hard to make pressure

Take the water bottle that you filled with water earlier. Put the bottle upside down in the sink drain and press it down hard several times.

This will help to force the water and cleaning mixture down the drain faster and it will also help to remove any debris that is clogging the sink.

Step 6) Test the result

After pressing down hard several times, remove the water bottle from the drain. Turn on the faucet and let the water run.

You should notice that the water flows down smoothly now.

markThis hack is quick, easy, and inexpensive, and can save you the cost of hiring a plumber. Give it a try the next time you’re faced with a clogged sink and see how well it works for you!


Q: Will this hack work for all types of sinks?

Yes, this hack is effective for all types of sinks because it utilizes simple physics to force water and air through the clog.

The pressure created by the water bottle forces the clog out of the way, allowing water to flow freely again.

Q: Can I use any type of water bottle for this hack?

Yes, you can use any type of plastic water bottle for this hack as long as it fits in your sink drain.

However, it’s recommended to use a smaller water bottle for smaller sinks and a larger water bottle for larger sinks.

Q: Is this hack safe for pipes and the environment?

Yes, this hack is safe for pipes and the environment. It uses natural ingredients and does not involve any harmful chemicals.

Using harmful chemicals can damage pipes and harm the environment. So using natural methods is a safer and more environmentally friendly approach.

Q: Is it necessary to boil the water before pouring it into the sink?

Yes, it’s recommended to use boiling water to activate the ingredients and start the cleaning process.

The heat from the boiling water helps to dissolve the clog and the ingredients work together to remove any bad odors.

However, be careful not to pour boiling water directly onto the sink surface, as it can cause damage to some types of sinks.