How do I know if my Roomba is charging? (Light Turns Off)

That’s the main concern of almost every Roomba vacuum owner, especially for new owners.

‘Is my Roomba actually charging?’

Basically, this is because many models have a feature that turns off the dock light once the vacuum is set on the docking station.

Hence, there is no way to tell if the Roomba is charging or not. Many people go online and start searching ‘How to know if mine is charging.‘ 🙂

Well, this article will break down everything from A-Z you need to know about this.

Let’s dive in…

Understanding the charging process of a Roomba

How do I know if my Roomba is charging

When the battery is running low, Roomba automatically returns to its charging dock (if available) or to the last location where it was plugged in.

If you are using a model that features a charging dock, it will navigate back to the dock, connect itself, and begin charging automatically.

OK, what are the indications that my Roomba is charging?

Look at the indicator light as soon as you place the Roomba in dock. If the light is amber or blinking, or turns off after flashing, your Roomba is charging correctly.

Different models have different indicators that display charging statistics.

Some models have a light indicator on the dock or the Roomba itself, which can be a single LED light or a series of lights.

Here’s a data table that shows the indication of a Roomba, whether it’s charging or not:

Charging Status Light Indicator
Charging Amber or White Blink
Fully Charged Solid Green or White
Remote Status Check on the Home App

What to do if your Roomba isn’t charging?

step to take if roomba not charging

If you notice that your Roomba is having trouble charging itself, connecting to the home base, or that its battery is empty even though you charged it for a whole night, it could be due to a faulty battery or a dirty charging dock.

Aside from these, a damaged power cable or damaged charging ports can also trigger this issue.

However, here are some basic troubleshooting steps you might want to try:

Step 1: Make sure the charging cable is securely connected

Make sure the power cable connected to the home base is secure and not loose or frayed.

Also, inspect the power cord for any physical damage, such as kinks or cuts, that may prevent a proper connection.

If the cable seems to be damaged, buy a new one and then replace it.

Step 2: Clear any dust or carbon build-up from charging ports

Over time, dust, dirt, and carbon can accumulate on the charging ports, hindering the ability of your vacuum to connect and charge effectively.

So, make sure no debris or dust is blocking the charging contacts preventing the Roomba from making a proper connection.

Take a soft dry cloth and clean the charging ports of the home base and Roomba.

Note: charging connectors are tiny and can become worn or loose, leading to connectivity issues. If your charging connector appears to be broken, please get in touch with Irobot customer care.

Step 3: Check and replace the battery

If none of the above-mentioned steps works and your vacuum is still not charging, chances are that your Roomba’s battery is damaged or has reached the end of its life.

Roomba’s battery usually has a lifespan of around 2-3 years.

If the Roomba is older than that, it may be time to replace the battery.


Q. How do I know if my Roomba battery is bad?

If you notice that your Roomba is taking longer to charge than usual or is not holding a charge, it is time to replace the battery.

Here are the signs:

  1. Roomba doesn’t hold a charge as well as it used to.
  2. Roomba doesn’t start up when you press the “clean” button.
  3. Roomba moves more slowly than usual.
  4. Roomba doesn’t seem to have as much power when cleaning.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s probably time to replace your Roomba’s battery. You can find replacement batteries at most major retailers that sell Roomba vacuum cleaners.

Q. How long does it take for a Roomba to charge fully?

The charging time for a Roomba depends on the model and battery condition.

On average, it takes about 2-3 hours for a Roomba to fully charge.

However, newer models may have faster-charging capabilities, and older models may take longer.

Q. What should I do if my Roomba doesn’t seem to be charging?

If your Roomba doesn’t appear to be charging, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try.

Firstly, ensure that the charging dock is properly connected to a power source.

Clean the charging contacts on both the Roomba and the dock to remove any dirt or debris. If the issue persists, you may need to replace the battery or contact customer support for further assistance.

Q. Is it normal for my Roomba to get warm while charging?

Yes, it is normal for your Roomba to generate some heat while charging.

Roomba models may have different levels of heat dissipation, but a slight warmth during charging is typically not a cause for concern.

However, if you notice excessive heat or any burning smells, it is advisable to contact customer support for further assistance.

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