5 Steps to Clean Roomba i7 (With Pictures)

If you have a Roomba i7, you know that it’s one of the smartest and most efficient ways to clean your home. But what if your Roomba isn’t working as well as it used to? It may be time for a deep clean.

However, before starting your cleaning routine, it’s essential to know how to clean Roomba i7 correctly and safely, so you don’t damage any of the delicate components inside the machine or injure yourself with the rotating brushes that help remove dirt from floors throughout your home.

How to Clean Roomba i7?

In short: To clean Roomba i7, first, empty the dustbin. After then, clean all the sensors. If these sensors get dirty, they can affect the Roomba’s performance. Finally, clean the brushes and wheels.

Below, I will discuss the cleaning process step by step which will help you to do this easily. keep reading…

1. What you will need?

To begin the process, you will need the following things:

  • A Phillips Screwdriver.
  • A dry cleaning cloth.

2. Clean the Roomba i7 Home-Base

Clean the home base of your roomba i7

First of all, you need to clean the home base. Because it is one of the most critical parts of your vacuum, if it remains dirty, you will face a problem when charging your vacuum. It will also help you to prevent any kind of error like “Error 26“, “Charging Error 8” or “Error 34“.

So, to clean the Roomba i7 home base, follow the below steps:

  • Grab the Home Base and first clean the Recon sensor.
  • Then clean the IR window.
  • Finally, clean the charging contacts.

Cleaning the charging contacts of the Roomba and Home Base will ensure that your Roomba can dock correctly. If you leave them without cleaning, your Roomba will fall into a problem while docking. So, be sure to clean them properly.

3. Remove all tangles and hairs

Head over to clean your Roomba i7

After cleaning the home base, head to the bottom of your Roomba. Here you have to clean out all the tangles and hair caught inside all the rollers and brushes.

☞ Clean the Roomba i7 Side Brush

Take out the side brush

First, take out the side brush with a screwdriver. You will see a lot of hair caught up in the brush. Remove all the hairs and put the brush in place.

Removing the hair or tangles from the side brush will help you make your Roomba quieter and give you relief while cleaning.

☞ Clean the Roomba i7 Caster wheel

wash roomba i7

After cleaning the hair and tangles from the side brush, you must also clean the caster wheel. To lift the caster wheel out, grasp it firmly.

After you’ve lifted it out, push the wheels out and clean up any tangles. Once you have removed all the hairs and tangles, place the caster wheel back in.

☞ Clean the Roomba i7 Roller Brush

Clean the i7 main roller brush

It is time to clean the main brush.

  1.  move on to the main brush. 
  2. Pull it out and remove any hairs, tangles, or knots from it. 
  3. Remove all the tangles and clean the debris from the brush compartment with a dry cloth. 
  4. Once you have cleaned the main brush and its box, put the brushes back in and attach them firmly.

Also, clean all the visible sensors on the Roomba. If those sensors aren’t clean, you will get a bin error. So, to prevent bin error issues, ensure to clean the sensor.

4. Empty the dustbin and air filter.

Empty dustbin and filter of roomba i7

The next steps are to empty your vacuum dustbin and clean the filter. Depending on how frequently you use the cleaner and how much debris it gathers from your floors, the bin inside your iRobot Roomba may become quite full. Follow the instructions below to unclog your Roomba’s dustbin securely and effectively.

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☞ Clean the Roomba i7 Filter

clean roomba i7 filter

First, pull out the air filter. Sometimes, this air filter causes the most problems, including bin error. If this air filter clogs up, it will restrict the airflow and sensors inside the Roomba. As a result, your Roomba will think the dustbin is full and gives you a bin error message.

Pro Tip: Wash the air filter instead of brushing it and let it dry completely before reinstalling. It will boost your robot’s cleaning performance as well as help you to get rid of bin errors.

☞ Wash the Roomba i7 Dustbin

Empty roomba i7 dustbin

After cleaning the air filter, you must empty and clean the dustbin. Emptying a Roomba dustbin is pretty easy. To empty your Roomba i7 dustbin,

  • First, press the bin release button and remove the dust bin from the robot.
  • Then, open the bin door and dump the contents into the trash can.
  • Wash the dustbin with warm water and let it dry completely.
  • Finally, reattach your Roomba’s dustbin. Make sure it clicks back into place securely.

From the below link, you can read our complete guide to know more about emptying Roomba’s bin.

5. Clean the Roomba i7 wheels 

Clean the wheels

The final step is to clean the wheels of your Roomba i7. Just take the dry cloth and remove the dirt and debris from it. Then roll the wheels and remove all the hairs and tangles. If you want to know more about cleaning the wheel, click this link.

how to clean Roomba i7 full bin sensor?

Clean roomba i7 full bin sensor

One of this tutorial’s most essential parts is cleaning the bin sensor. Even if you have emptied the dustbin, your Roomba will give you a “bin error” message when you start your Roomba again. This is because the bin inside the dustbin is dirty. So to prevent this issue, you have to clean this bin sensor.

The sensor in the bin is located at the end of the pointer in the upper right-hand corner of the first picture.

To clean Roomba i7 full bin sensor, follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, make sure that your Roomba is turned off.
  2. Once it is turned off, open up the dustbin.
  3. Locate the Full Bin Sensor. (As shown in the picture) It is a small silver cylinder located near the hinge on the right side of the dustbin.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to clean around the sensor. Be careful not to damage the sensor.

Once the sensor is clean, put the dustbin back on the Roomba and turn it on.


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