Cable TV Prices Are Rising Every Year — Here’s What I’m Doing to Cope With This

Every year, it seems like we’re hit with the same unpleasant surprise: our cable TV bill has gone up yet again.

The steady rise in cable TV prices is leaving many of us scratching our heads and wondering how to keep our entertainment costs in check.

It’s not just about you; cable TV providers are also in trouble, and that’s why they do this every year!

But why are they actually doing this? Or let’s say, how can you cope with this situation?

Let’s break it down…

The Major Players: Comcast, DISH, and Spectrum

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In 2023, the four biggest cable TV companies, Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH, and Spectrum, all raised how much they charge.

In January, Comcast said they’re charging more for their TV service. The Broadcast TV fee now adds $31.25 each month on top of what they tell you it costs, and in lots of places, there’s also a $9.10 RSN fee.

This summer, Spectrum made their TV plans $5 more expensive each month. On top of the price they say, customers now pay $22.20 every month for broadcast TV channels in some areas, and $12 for DVR service.

DISH also made their prices higher by around $5 each month for all their packages. Late fees also went up to $12 in most states, except for Arizona, Maine, and Virginia.

What I Did and What You Can Do to Save on Internet Costs

how to reduce cable tv bill

If you live in an area with multiple internet service providers, you can use a simple strategy to get better deals.

Two good options for most people are T-Mobile and Verizon for internet.

In my case, My monthly bill with Spectrum went up to $75, and even after trying to haggle for a lower price, I couldn’t get them to agree.

So, I switched to T-Mobile for a few months, and they gave me a cheaper plan for $50.

After using T-Mobile for a while, I went back to Spectrum as a new customer. Providers usually treat you as a “new customer” again after a month or two of not being with them. This time, I got a great 2-year deal for high-speed internet at only $39.99 per month, with no extra fees.


When my Spectrum plan ends, I’ll switch back to T-Mobile and look for the best deal they have.

This approach is like what many people do with streaming services; there’s often a special offer or discount to help you save on internet costs.

So here’s what you should do:

  1. Cutting Premium Channels: Take a hard look at your channel lineup and consider whether premium channels like HBO and Showtime are a must-have. Removing them can significantly lower your monthly bill.
  2. Reducing Cable Boxes: If you have multiple cable boxes in your home, think about whether you need all of them. Reducing the number of boxes can save you on equipment fees.
  3. Cut the Fu**King Cord: Consider moving to the streaming services. Explore alternatives like over-the-air antennas, streaming devices like Roku, and internet-based TV services.

Simple solution, Just switch to another one!

Haha 🙂

On the other hand, Many people are often confused by cable companies.

They worry that if they cancel their TV subscription, the cost of their internet service will go up to almost the same price as their current TV and internet bundle.

To avoid this, research the different internet plans offered by your cable provider.

Don’t hesitate to call the company and ask about any unadvertised plans.

For instance, when I moved to Florida and signed up with Spectrum, I told the representative that I wanted their cheapest internet service. Surprisingly, the plan I have only costs $30 per month, but you won’t find it on their website. According to their website, their cheapest plan starts at $50. So, do your homework!

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