How to Reset TCL Roku TV (With Black Screen)

Sometimes, when using a TV, you might encounter strange issues like a screen not displaying, freezing on the logo screen, or the TV not responding to the remote control.

In such situations, resetting is compulsory!

There are two ways to reset a TCL Roku TV: one is by accessing the TV’s settings menu, and the other is by pressing the TV’s physical reset button.

However, If you can’t enter the TV’s settings menu or experience a black screen issue, the second option can be helpful.

Without further ado, let’s dive in…

  • Power on the TV.
  • Locate the reset button.
  • Once you find it, take a ballpen.
  • Now, press and hold the reset button for about 20 seconds.


Here are the detailed step-by-step guidelines:

Method 1: Reset the TV using a Remote

reset using remote control

This method is quite simple than the manual method.

Here’s how:

  • First, press your remote’s “home” button and go to “settings.Reset tcl roku tv going to settings
  • Scroll down and select “system.go to system
  • Now scroll down again and go to “advanced system settings.go to advanced system settings
  • Select “factory click on factory reset
  • And then select “Factory reset on factory reset everything
  • Finally, enter the 4-digit code of your TV and press ‘ok.’now enter the passcode

That’s it…

This will reset all settings to their default values as if the TV were brand new.

Once the reset is complete and the device reboots, you will need to set it up as if you just purchased it and removed it from the box.

Remember, performing a factory reset will erase all of your personal data and settings on the TV, including WiFi and wired network configurations, Google account login information, and any other saved credentials.

Method 2: Factory Reset TCL Roku TV With Black Screen

how to reset tcl roku tv with black screen
TCL TV Reset Button Location

As I mentioned, this manual method is quite helpful when you can’t enter the settings menu or the TV stops turning on entirely.

However, here’s how:

  • Power on the TV.
  • Then locate the reset button. (This is usually located on the back of the TV, near the inputs)
  • Once you find it, take a ballpen.
  • Now, press and hold the reset button for about 20 seconds using the pen.

Don’t let the reset button until you see the TCL TV logo appear on the screen. Once the logo appears, let it go.

In certain TCL TV models, you may not find a physical reset button. In such cases, according to TCL Customer Care, the only way to fix the TV is by replacing the main board.

Common Resetting Issues and Solutions

Sometimes, you may encounter issues during or after the reset process.

Here are some common problems and their solutions.

  • TV Not Responding After Reset: If the TV doesn’t respond or gets stuck, unplug it for a minute and then plug it back in. If the problem persists, contact TCL customer support.
  • Stuck on Boot Logo: In some cases, the TV may get stuck on the startup logo. Try performing the factory reset again or use the hard reset method as a last resort.
  • Network Issues: If the TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi, ensure your network is working correctly, and try resetting your router if necessary.

Reasons to Reset TCL Roku TV

Over time, a TV experience technical glitches, such as frozen screens, app crashes, or sound problems.

A factory reset can often resolve these issues by clearing any software conflicts.

Clearing Cache and Memory: As you use the TV, temporary files and cache can accumulate, potentially slowing down the system.

Resetting the TV clears this cache, providing a fresh start for improved performance.

Improving Performance: If your TCL Roku TV has become slow or sluggish, a factory reset can restore it to its original state, optimizing performance and responsiveness.


Q. What will happen if I reset my TCL Roku TV?

If you reset your TV, it will return to its default settings, which means that all of the customized settings you have made, such as changing the display or audio settings, will be lost.

Any apps that you have installed on the TV will also be removed, and the TV will be restored to its original state.

If you reset your TV, you will need to set it up again as you did when you first purchased it.

This may include connecting it to your home network, performing the initial setup, and installing any apps that you want to use.

Q: Why is my remote not pairing with the TV after a reset?

If your remote is not pairing after a reset, try replacing the batteries and make sure the remote is in line of sight with the TV.

If the issue persists, try unpairing and re-pairing the remote using the pairing button.

Q. Does factory reset affect hardware?

A factory reset does not typically affect the hardware of a device, as it is a software-level procedure that restores the software on the device to its original state.

This means that the hardware components of the device, such as the processor, RAM, storage, and other components, will not be affected by a factory reset.

Q: How often should I reset my TV?

There is no need to reset your TV on a regular basis. Only reset it if you are experiencing issues with performance, connectivity, or other technical problems.

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