Input Signal Out of Range HP Monitor (100% Fixes)

If your HP monitor displays the “Input Signal Out Of Range” error message, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The graphics device is not powerful enough to support the monitor’s high refresh rate.
  2. The monitor or graphics card does not support the display resolution set by the CPU.
  3. CPU is sending too much input that the monitor can’t handle!

But, the third one is the most typical reason.

In this article, I will walk you through what’s the reasons for this issue and how you can fix this issue!

Let’s move on…

Let’s Understand the reason in more detail

Why does my hp monitor say input signal out of rangeBefore writing this guide, I contacted HP customers care about this issue.

They told me that, this issue can occur for several reasons including outdated drivers, hardware malfunctions, software conflicts, or incorrect settings within the system.

However, after some more research online, I realized that,

When the CPU sends too much input that your monitor can’t handle, the message “input signal out of range” appears.

Suppose your monitor can handle a maximum resolution of 1280×720. In that case, if the CPU suddenly sends a higher resolution than that, your monitor will stop working and display this message because it can’t handle that amount of input.


Now, you might ask,

“It’s been going well for so long; why suddenly?”

Perhaps you accidentally increased the monitor resolution, or someone else did.

How to Fix Input Signal Out of Range Issue on HP Monitor?

  • Open the computer in safe mode.
  • Go to “Device Manager” and click on “Display Adapters.”
  • Select your computer’s graphics driver and disable it.
  • Now, restart your computer.


Here’s the detailed guide:

Method 1: For Windows 7 users

As I mentioned, you can quickly fix this issue by reducing your monitor’s screen resolution through Windows Safe Mode.

But for this, you have to boot up the computer in safe mode first.

To boot up your computer in safe mode, hold down the F8 key on the keyboard while your PC is starting (immediately after turning it on.)

Sometimes you may need to tap the F8 key rapidly instead of holding it down.

Once your computer is booted up in safe mode, you will see the below image.

Now select safe mode using the arrow key and then press enter.

Wait some time; your computer will open normally.

After opening in safe mode,

  • First, click on the computer icon and then on the manage option.
    Fixing input signal out of range in hp monitor
  • Next, click on Device manager and then on Display adapters.hp monitor input signal out of range issue
  • Finally, right, click on the available driver and disable it.Hp monitor input signal out of range fix

Now restart your computer, and hopefully, it will fix the problem.

Let me know in the comment box whether it worked for you!

Method 2: For Windows 10 and 11 users

Booting Windows 10 into safe mode is a bit more complicated than Windows 7.

But you can do this easily by following the below steps.

First, turn off your computer completely. Then turn it on by pressing the power button.

When you see the small spinning circle of dots that indicates Windows is starting, immediately press and hold the power button until your PC shuts down. Hold it for about 4-5 seconds.

Repeat this process a few more times. After you’ve done it 3 times, start your computer and let it run. It should now go into Automatic Repair mode:

preparing automatic repair screen windows 10

Click “Advanced OptionsClick advance repair option

Click “Troubleshoot

Again click “Advanced options.Click troubleshoot

Click “Startup Settingsstartup-settings

Click “RestartRestart

Once rebooted, press the number 4 key on your keyboard to enter Safe Mode.Enter safe mode in windows 10

The next steps are the same as in Windows 7. Go to “Device Manager” from the control panel and then click on “Display adapters.” Now disable the graphics driver and after then restart your computer.

That’s it!


Q. My monitor says, “Input signal out of range change settings to 1600×900 60hz”

Input signal out of range change settings to 1600×900 60hz” means that the signal you’re trying to input is too high or low for your device.

To fix this, simply change the input resolution settings to 1600×900 60hz.

You can easily do that using Windows safe mode by disabling the graphics driver or by adjusting the input resolution to 1600×900 60hz.

For this, check the beginning part of this article.

Similarly, if your monitor is displaying the same (input signal out of range change settings to 1366×768 60hz, 1440×900 60hz, 1366×768 60hz, 1280×1024 60hz or 1680×1050 60hz) error message, just open your monitor through safe mode and then adjust the input resolution settings to the proper scale.

Q: What does the error message “Input signal out of range” mean on my HP monitor?

This error message means that the input signal being sent to your HP monitor is outside the acceptable range of frequencies that the monitor can handle.

This can happen when the resolution or refresh rate of the video signal being sent to the monitor is too high.

Q: Can a faulty graphics card cause this error on my HP monitor?

Yes, a faulty graphics card can cause this error message to appear on your HP monitor.

If you have ruled out other potential causes such as incorrect resolution or refresh rate settings, your graphics card may be malfunctioning and in need of repair or replacement.

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