Is There Any Hope for Nexstar and DirecTV to Reach a Settlement and Revive Local Stations?

For the last 10 weeks, DIRECTV and Nexstar, a major local station owner, have been locked in a heated dispute.

This disagreement began when their previous carriage agreement expired on July 2 and resulted in more than 10 million DIRECTV subscribers losing local TV stations owned by Nexstar.

Now, it’s been 3 months, and they still haven’t fixed things!

So, are they getting closer to a solution?

Tom Carter from Nexstar said this week that they’re making progress and want to settle the disagreement. But Nexstar won’t agree to just any deal.


When asked for their take on this by TV-Answer-Man, they didn’t say much:

 “We’re still talking, and we don’t have more to say right now.”

But a day later, DIRECTV changed their tune and said they’ve made “significant progress” in the talks to protect customers from higher prices.

As per their words:

“We’ve made significant progress in the negotiations to protect customers from unwarranted rate increases”

It looks like DIRECTV didn’t want Nexstar to be the only one talking about progress.

But even though they’re using positive words, there are still problems.

DirecTV mentioned, “Unfortunately, one of the largest open issues is that Nexstar wants to force us to pay higher rates for several years for broadcast stations it does not yet or may never own.”

So, while there’s some progress, it’s not clear when this dispute will finally be resolved!

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