LG C1 & C2 Auto Power Off (How To Enable and Disable)

Auto Power Off is a built-in feature in many smart TVs, such as Samsung and LG, that automatically turns off the TV power when no signal state persists on the main screen for a selected number of hours.

It detects the absence of user interaction and initiates a countdown timer.

When the timer reaches its threshold, it shuts off the power automatically.

Hint: If your LG TV is automatically powering off and you want to get rid of this issue, simply turn off all the timer, Eco and Auto power off related settings from the settings.

However, there is a significant purpose for this feature.

For example: you’ve had a few drinks at night, dozed off, and forgot to manually switch off the TV.

Throughout the entire night, the television continues to operate, drawing power and adding to your energy bills. Additionally, it will gradually contribute to wear and tear, potentially shortening the lifespan of your TV.

So you must enable ‘Auto Power off’ feature on your LG TV.

How to Enable/Disable Auto Power Off on LG C1 and C2 OLED TVs

  • Navigate to All Settings.
  • Choose Support.
  • Select OLED Care.
  • Go to Device Self Care.
  • Click on Energy Saving.
  • Find ‘Auto Power Off’ and choose your preference.


What To Do If Your LG C1/C2 Auto Power Off Even After You Turned Off All the Timer Settings?

Now a common issue for many LG TV owners especially C1 and C2 users is that the TV automatically shuts off even after disabling all the timing or auto power settings.

This basically happens for two reasons:

  • Software Issue.
  • External Device’s Effect.

If your TV is linked to a computer, go to the Start button > Settings (for win10 latest) > System > Power and Sleep, and ensure that the screen saver and sleep options are set to NEVER.

If the issue persists, it might be an LG OLED bug in the newer 2021 sets.

Consider reaching out to LG tech support via email to address and fix the problem through a firmware update.

Note: If your TV is connected to an external sound speaker, check if the speaker has the ‘auto power off’ timer enabled. If the TV is linked to a speaker with timer settings, both the speaker and the TV may turn off automatically.

Tips For Getting The Best Result Using “Auto Power Off Feature”

One of the factors that affect the power consumption and the risk of burn-in on LG OLED TVs is the brightness and contrast settings.

The higher the brightness and contrast, the more power the TV uses and the more stress the pixels undergo.

Therefore, it is advisable to adjust the brightness and contrast settings according to the ambient light and the content you are watching.

LG OLED TVs have different viewing modes, such as cinema, game, or standard, that automatically adjust the brightness and contrast settings for optimal picture quality.

You can also manually adjust the brightness and contrast settings using the TV settings menu or the LG ThinQ app.

The recommended settings for brightness and contrast are:

  • Brightness: bellow 50%
  • Contrast: 85%
  • OLED Light: 50% for SDR content, 100 for HDR content

These settings will provide a balanced picture quality while reducing the power consumption and the risk of burn-in on your LG OLED TV.

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