LG TV not Turning on? (Try These proven Fixes)

Are you having trouble getting your LG TV to turn on? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many LG TV owners have experienced this issue.

In this blog, I’ll share tips and tricks to help you get your LG TV up and running again. I’ll look at the most common causes of this issue and some simple solutions you can try to get your TV back on. So, let’s get started…

What causes the LG TV not to turn on?

why is my LG Tv not turning on

There are several possible causes for an LG TV not turning on. These include a bad power supply, a faulty power cord, a bad input port, a faulty circuit board, or a bad mainboard. It is also possible that the TV is not receiving enough power or is set to the wrong input source.

However, these are the eight primary reasons your TV is not turning on:

  • Defective Power Supply.
  • Loose Cables.
  • Faulty Main Board.
  • Blown Fuse on Main Board
  • Power Outage.
  • Faulty Remote Control
  • Overheating
  • Firmware Issues

Steps to Troubleshoot the LG TV Not Turning On Issue

To troubleshoot your LG TV, if it is not turning on, ensure that the power cord is securely plugged in and is not damaged. Then check the TV’s power button and remote control to see whether they are malfunctioning. If they are fine, power reset your TV.

Before moving into a detailed solution, please look at the bellow table for a better understanding of this problem.

Reasons Solutions
Outdated Firmware Update the TV
Faulty cable or outlet Replace them
Damaged mainboard Repair It

Step 1: Troubleshoot related things first.

In most cases, a faulty power outlet, damaged power cable, or malfunctioning remote control triggers this issue. So, first, check those things before inspecting the TV.

♦ Check the power cable.

step 1- inspect the power cord

The first thing to do when your TV doesn’t turn on is to make sure the power cord is securely plugged into the TV and the wall outlet.

If the cord is loose or damaged, it may not provide enough power to the TV. Unplug the cable from the TV and the wall outlet, then plug it back in firmly.

♦ Check the power strip.

lg tv power strip not working

If the power cord is securely plugged in, the next step is to check the power outlet. Ensure a switch or timer does not control it and that it provides enough power to other devices.

You can do this by plugging in a lamp or another device to see if it turns on. If the outlet doesn’t have power, check the circuit breaker or fuse box to see if a circuit has tripped or a fuse has blown.

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♦ Check the remote control.

check the TV's remote control

If the power cord and outlet are both working, the next step is to check the remote control. Make sure the batteries aren’t damaged and have enough charge.

If the remote control has a power button, try pressing it to see if the TV responds. You can also try using the power button on the TV itself to see if it will turn on.

Note: Consider replacing the batteries at this point (just to be safe)

Step 2: Troubleshoot the TV

If the power cord, power strip, and remote control are all fine, but your TV still isn’t turning on, there might definitely be a problem with the TV. It could be that the TV is running with corrupted firmware, its main board is damaged, or it is experiencing a software glitch.

♦ power cycle your TV.

power cycle your LG TV

LG TVs are sensitive to getting damaged during power outages or shocks, which is a common problem. If you do a power cycle, the issues will be cleared from the TV’s memory without losing your downloaded content or settings. To power cycle your TV,

  • First, unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • Then, for about 30 seconds, press and hold the TV’s power button.
  • Wait another ten minutes without turning on the TV.
  • Replug the TV.

Now, try turning the TV on using the power button on the remote or the TV itself. If it does not work, proceed to the next step.

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♦ Check the power button to see if it’s stuck or broken.

power button issue

It’s possible that your TV’s power button is stuck or broken, preventing it from turning on. If it is damaged, you can’t do anything yourself, but if it is stuck with dirt or dust, you can take several steps to unstuck it.

First, check to see if the button is physically stuck. If so, try gently pushing it in and out to see if it will become unstuck. If the button is still stuck, try using a toothpick or other small object to push it in and out carefully.

Be gentle and avoid applying too much pressure, which could damage the button or the TV itself.

♦ Update your TV’s firmware.

usb firmware upgrade your LG Tv

As previously mentioned, if your TV’s firmware is outdated or corrupted, it might not be able to function correctly or even stop working altogether.

LG releases new monthly updates to improve its system’s performance and eliminate various minor bugs. However, if you update your TV, there is a chance that your problem may be fixed. To do that,

First, download the latest firmware version from the LG website. (Be sure to choose the correct model number for your TV)

Right-click the downloaded firmware file, then select “Send To,” “Extract” (or “Zip”), and the extraction program loads onto the screen.

Connect a USB drive to your computer and copy the downloaded firmware file to the drive.

Click “Start,” “(My) Computer,” then right-click the removable device icon and select “Eject.” (Disconnect the USB flash drive from the USB port on the computer once the icon disappears.)

power down the LG TV, plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the TV, and then power the TV on.

The device will automatically detect the inserted USB flash drive and begin to upload the data onto the TV. Once complete, a prompt appears on the screen, telling you to remove the flash drive from your computer system. Watch the below video guide to do it without any mistakes.

♦ Factory reset your TV

reset you lg smart tv

A factory reset is always recommended to fix any internal software-related error. There are two methods to do that, but we will use the manual method as we cannot access the TV’s settings.

Remember that this will erase everything, including your data and settings.

However, to reset your LG TV to its factory settings, follow these steps:

  • First, remove all the cables, excluding the power cord.
  • Then check your TV’s left or right side for the power/reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds.
  • While pressing the reset button, slowly remove the power cord.
  • Plug the TV back into the power source and release the button as soon as the startup screen comes up.

Now your TV will turn off and get reset. After a while, you will see the set-up screen. If it still does not work, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Nothing has worked so far. What next?

If none of the above methods worked and your LG TV is still not turning on, there might be another possibility.

♦ Cool down your TV.

your LG tv is overheated

TV generates a lot of heat, especially if it is watched for long periods. However, Your TV can overheat in a small space with poor ventilation.

If no internal damage to the circuit board has occurred, an overheated TV will not switch back on until it has cooled down. Allow the TV to rest overnight and clean any adjacent debris from the vents to resolve the problem.

♦ Check the TV’s backlight.

lg tv not turning on because backlight is damaged

It’s possible that your TV’s backlight is burned out due to a power outage or bad electric flow. To see if this is the case, turn on your TV, hold a flashlight, and bring it extremely close to the screen.

When you flash the light, look closely to see whether there is any image on the screen. If you see a picture but it’s very dim, it’s most likely because your TV’s backlight has been damaged and has to be replaced.

In conclusion, if your LG TV won’t turn on, try checking the power cord, unplugging and replugging the TV, using a different power outlet, and checking for a faulty circuit board. If you’re still having trouble, it may be best to call a professional TV repair technician.


Q. LG TV isn’t Turning On, Just Clicking.

This indicates a power supply problem. If the manufacturer’s warranty covers your TV, get it serviced or replaced.

The vibration could also be caused by the internal cabinet expanding and contracting in response to changing temperatures. The system is most likely malfunctioning if the sound is clicking.

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