LG TV Picture Settings Keep Changing? (Do this Now)

Calibrating a TV to proper picture settings isn’t that easy and it takes a lot of effort and time.

We all know that very well!

But, when your LG TV’s picture settings keep changing without your input, it can be highly bothersome. You need to constantly readjust the settings to restore the desired picture quality.

Barry wrote Homespoiler;

“My problem is quite different, and I don’t know if anyone has ever experienced this! Just a few days back, I bought a 50” LG TV from Walmart. Calibrated the picture settings by watching a youtube video, and everything was working fine. But today I noticed all of my previous picture settings have disappeared. I reset all the picture settings again, but they keep changing. I mean, the picture settings on my LG TV keep changing. Any suggestion?”— Barry, Canada

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LG TV picture settings can change automatically if the Eco Sensor feature is enabled, there are automatic content detection features, firmware or software updates are applied, or there are issues with the remote control.

Anyway, let’s dive into it…

What causes LG TV’s picture settings to get changed automatically?

What causes LG TV's picture settings to get changed automatically

Typically, when this happens, either the TV’s internal firmware is malfunctioning or one of the TV’s features is enabled.

For example, 

  • Your TV may have entered store mode, which resets the picture settings after a while or after a reboot.
  • Your TV may have auto-detection or auto AI mode enabled, which is analyzing content and adjusting settings accordingly.
  • Or maybe the TV’s internal firmware file is corrupted, generating glitches and bugs that cause the picture settings to change.

How to Stop LG TV From Changing Picture Settings On Its Own?

  • Press the “Settings” button on your LG TV remote.
  • Go to the “Picture” or “Display” settings.
  • Look for AI-related options such as “AI Picture” or “AI Brightness.”
  • Simply turn Off them.


Here are the step-by-step guidelines:

Step 1: Bypass the system glitch (Don’t Skip)

bypassing lg tv's system glitch

You have to do this using a very popular method—Power cycling!

I know this is something no one wants to hear, even me.

But it really works!

The reason is very simple—when you power cycle your TV, it basically drains all the remaining power from the TV’s internal transistor and reloads the firmware file from scratch!

Anyway, here’s how:

  • Disconnect the TV from the power outlet completely.
  • Similarly, disconnect all the HDMI cables connected to the TV.
  • Wait for at least two minutes. (Don’t compromise here.)
  • During this time, press and hold the TV’s power button for about 30 seconds.
  • Once done, power the TV back on.

Now test if the issue has been resolved. If not, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Disable Store Mode/Eco Sensor/AI Content Detection

If the issue isn’t with the system, one of these three is the issue!

First, ensure your TV isn’t in the ”store mode”.

lg tv picture setting keeps changing
Changing the Mode

Store mode is primarily used in retail environments where TVs are displayed to showcase their features. Possible that one of your family members mistakenly enabled this setting. So be sure to check this out.

If this is OK, move your eye to the ”Eco Mode.”

It basically adjusts the TV’s picture settings automatically based on the ambient lighting conditions. But the issue is, often it triggers unwanted changes like what you are experiencing now!

Here’s how to disable it: (LG OLED TV)

  • Press the “Settings” button on your LG TV remote.press the setings buton on lg tv
  • Scroll down and click on “Support” and then ‘Oled Care”click on 'support' and then 'oled care'
  • Click on ‘Device Self Care.’go to self care option
  • Here you will find the option ‘Energy Saving.’ Simply again click on this.choose energy saving mode
  • Now turn off the Eco Sensor or set it to “Off.”finally disable energy saving mode to fix the issue

In some models, there is another option called ‘AI Content Detection’ located in the same menu as ‘Eco Mode.’ While disabling ‘Eco Mode,’ check if there is an option available such as ‘AI Picture’ or ‘AI Brightness.’ If so, simply disable it as well!

After making these changes, monitor your TV to see if the issue persists.

If the picture settings no longer change unexpectedly, then the problem has been resolved.

What if nothing worked?

In such a case, simply contact LG customer care and let them know about the issue you are experiencing. If necessary, seek their assistance and let them handle it!

After all, no one knows LG TVs better than the experts at LG customer care

However, before taking that step, you can try factory resetting your TV to the default settings (if you don’t mind setting everything from scratch).


Q: My LG TV’s picture settings keep changing even after disabling the “Eco Mode”. What should I do?

If disabling the ”Eco mode” or ”AI Picture” settings doesn’t resolve the issue, try resetting your TV to its factory default settings.

This action will revert all settings back to their original state, which might help eliminate any unwanted adjustments.

Q: Why does the brightness keep changing on my LG TV when I switch between channels or inputs?

If the ‘Energy Saving’ mode is enabled on your TV, you will encounter this issue!

The solution is pretty simple!

Go to the setting (As I showed in the second step) and then disable the “Energy Saving’ mode. That’s it.

Q: Is there a way to lock the picture settings on my LG TV to prevent any changes?

Some newer LG TV models offer a feature called “Picture Mode Lock” or “Picture Settings Lock” that allows you to lock the current picture settings to prevent unintentional changes.

Again, it’s not available in most TV models!

Simply, refer to your TV’s user manual or explore the settings menu to find and enable the Picture Mode Lock feature, which will require a PIN or password to make any adjustments.

Q: Could external factors like remote interference or power fluctuations cause the picture settings to change on my LG TV?

While it’s less likely, external factors such as remote interference or power fluctuations could potentially cause sporadic changes in the picture settings of your LG TV.

Remote interference can occur when other infrared signals from nearby devices interfere with the TV’s sensor, inadvertently triggering settings adjustments.

Power fluctuations, on the other hand, might disrupt the TV’s internal circuitry, leading to temporary changes.

However, these situations are uncommon!