LG is a top TV brand that many people prefer.

About 35% of people globally like to use LG as their main TV brand.

Sometimes, you might have trouble turning on your LG TV, changing settings, or using certain features.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of common issues LG TV users might face and how to solve them easily.

  1. How To Fix LG TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds
  2. Are LG TV Remotes Universal? (All Concern Explained Here)
  3. Best LG C1 Dolby Vision Settings (Step-By-Step Process)
  4. How Long Do LG Smart TVs Last? (How you can Extend it’s Lifespan)
  5. How to Factory Reset LG TV (Without Remote)
  6. How To Get Peacock On LG Smart TV (Installation Issue Fixed)
  7. How to Turn OFF Simplink on LG TV (For All Models)
  8. LG Channels Not Working: (Solved)
  9. LG Motion Eye Care – What it Does and Should You Use This?
  10. LG TruMotion – (Everything You Need to Know)
  11. LG TV AirPlay Not Working? (100% Working Fixes)
  12. LG TV Auto Tuning Not Finding Channels (Tuning problems)
  13. LG TV Blinking Codes: (Full List & Troubleshooting Guide)
  14. LG TV Blinking On and Off/Flickering (Here’s 100% Fixes)
  15. LG TV Connected To WiFi But Apps Not Working (100% Fixes)
  16. LG TV Half Screen Dark (Here’s What You Need to Do)
  17. LG TV HDMI ARC No Sound? (How To Fix)
  18. LG TV IR Blaster: Setup Process and More
  19. LG TV IR Sensor Location: Everything You Need to Know
  20. LG TV Just Scan: Everything You Need To Know
  21. LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi (100% Fixed)
  22. LG TV keeps Restarting (To Free up Memory)
  23. LG TV Keeps Searching for WiFi, But Not Finding (100% Fix)
  24. LG TV Network Settings Greyed Out? (Here’s Solution)
  25. LG TV No Signal With Antenna or HDMI (100% Working Fix)
  26. LG TV no Sound: How to Troubleshoot This?
  27. LG TV not Connecting to WiFi After Reset? (Check out This)
  28. LG TV Not Programmed/LG Channels Not Working—(Fixed)
  29. LG TV Optical Out Not Working? (Here’s What You Should Do)
  30. LG TV Picture in Picture (How To Enable It?)
  31. LG TV Picture Settings Keep Changing? (Do this Now)
  32. LG TV Power Button Not Working: (How To Solve)
  33. LG TV Remote Not Working/Red Light (100% Fixes)
  34. LG TV Sound Crackling: (Easy Solutions)
  35. LG TV Sound Cuts Out Intermittently (Causes and Solution)
  36. LG TV Sound Distorted: Causes and Solutions
  37. LG TV Sound Mode Share: (Not Working/Keeps Popping Up)
  38. LG TV Stuck on Logo Screen/Frozen (Here’s 100% Fixes)
  39. LG TV Touch Buttons Not Working: (How To Solve)
  40. LG TV WiFi Turned Off (100% Working Fixes)
  41. LG TV Won’t Turn on But Red Light Is On (100% Fixes)
  42. LG TV Zoomed In Too Much/Picture Size Issue (Fixed)
  43. List of LG TV support Dolby Atmos (Full List)
  44. OLED Care: How To Clean LG OLED TV Screen?
  45. Peacock Not Showing Up On LG Smart TV: (Solved)
  46. Simplink “Please Try Again” Error on LG TV (Not Working)
  47. Split Screen on LG TV (How To Use This Feature?)
  48. Why Can’t I Find Paramount Plus on My LG TV? (Fixed)

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