Major League Baseball Reduces Prices for MLB.TV Out-of-Market Package

Today, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced a groundbreaking decision.

They have reduced the price of its MLB.TV package for out-of-market games with four months remaining in the regular season.

The basic price for the MLB.TV package, which initially stood at $149.99, has been reduced to $119.99. But the monthly price remains unchanged at $24.99.

If you are passionate about a specific team, the single-team option has also undergone a price reduction. Previously priced at $129.99, this package now costs only $104.99. This means that you can now follow your chosen team closely without having to pay for access to all the games and teams.

Beyond live game coverage, the MLB.TV package offers several additional features to enhance the viewing experience.

You can enjoy personalized game and content recommendations, an expanded library of programming (including documentaries and classic games), the MLB Big Inning weeknight feature, and coverage of thousands of minor league games.

However, local blackouts still apply to the MLB.TV package. So, you will not be able to watch games featuring their local teams.

While the MLB.TV package receives a substantial price reduction, the league’s Extra Innings package, available through cable and satellite TV services, remains unchanged.

Be aware, MLB.TV package does not include coverage of Friday night doubleheader games exclusively streamed on Apple TV+, Sunday morning games exclusively streamed on Peacock, or select ESPN national broadcasts.

If you’re interested in these particular games, you’ll need to find other streaming options.