More US Homes Opt for Free Ad-Supported Streaming Services, Up 17% from 2021-2023

  • The number of US households using ad-supported streaming services has grown to 83.7 million. (17% increase over the past two years)
  • Concurrently, 81.1 million households are opting for streaming services without ads. (9% rise in the same time frame)


American households’ TV-watching habits have taken a big turn, according to Comscore’s 2023 report on streaming.

They announced that a huge 83.7 million households in the US with smart TVs are now using free streaming services with ads.

This is 17% more than what it was in 2021

Many families are choosing streaming options with ads, meaning they don’t like paying for streaming.

At the same time, the report also says that there are still a lot of households that prefer streaming services without ads.

About 81.1 million homes use these services, which is 9% more compared to 2021.

James Muldrow, Vice President, of Comscore, said:

“While the top US streaming services are keeping up with the demand for subscriptions, new growth can be observed in FAST streaming platforms like Roku, Pluto and Tubi which are increasingly consolidating their position in the household mix”

This change is part of a bigger trend.

More and more people are moving away from traditional TV and finding new ways to watch their favorite shows. People really like using TV services with ads because they can choose what they want to watch and also save money.

With so many different streaming platforms available, things are changing a lot.

Just like that change, the new data shows that families like using streaming services with ads because they’re easy and flexible. This is the start of a new way to watch TV.

As more people do this, things will keep changing and the TV industry will be different.

However, It’s exciting to see how things are changing, and there’s more change to come!

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