Netflix Unveils Enhanced My List Experience, Delighting Mobile Users with Unprecedented Organization and Filtering Options

Netflix continuously upgrading its user experience, but it comes at a cost to subscribers’ pockets every day!

Yesterday, Netflix announced that it is updating its ‘My List’ feature to provide better organization and filtering options for mobile customers.

Starting today, if you’re using an Android device, you’ll be among the first to enjoy these new changes.

Here’s what they are bringing to you.

1. Better Sorting

It’s typically hard to find anything when your list gets so long! Right?

Well, Netflix has heard our cries!

With the update, you will finally be able to sort your ‘My List’ alphabetically, by release date, and by the most recently added titles. No more endless scrolling to find what you’re looking for!

2. Super Filters

Netflix is going all-in on filters.

You will be able to filter your list by the time a title was added, whether you’ve started watching it or not, and they even provide notifications for soon-to-be-removed content.

3. Easy Peasy Management

Adding or removing titles from your list is getting a major facelift.

To add a selection, simply tap the little “plus” icon on the title card. And if you’ve changed your mind or finished watching something, a simple swipe on the title card will do the trick. Netflix is making it quick and painless for you to curate your list.

4. Stay Updated

Remember those moments when a new season of your favorite series dropped, and you had no idea?

Well, those days are gone.

Netflix will automatically add new seasons to your ‘My List’ so that you’re always in the loop and ready to binge-watch.

5. Retirement Warnings

My List‘ will now provide notifications when a saved selection is approaching its removal from the Netflix content library.

This feature will keep you informed about expiring content, allowing you to prioritize your viewing accordingly.

6. Sneak Peek at the Future

And lastly, Netflix is creating a whole new category called “Coming Soon” to make it easier for you to discover upcoming releases.

Instead of getting lost in the “New and Popular” section, you will have a dedicated spot to check out what’s on the horizon. And the best part?

You can add those upcoming titles directly to your ‘My List’.

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