Onn TV not connecting to WiFi? (Just Do this 8 Things)

❝When I try to connect my Onn Smart TV to the wifi, nothing happens. Despite my best efforts, I am still unable to do that! Why is my Onn TV not connecting to wifi? I don’t understand! Please help,❞ says an Onn TV user.

This is a common issue among Onn TV users. In fact, 70% of them reported this issue on various social media platforms such as Reddit and Quora.

However, only a few possible reasons exist for this. But a temporary glitch and outdated TV firmware are the main culprits.

In this guide, I will explain why your TV isn’t connecting to WiFi and what you have to do to troubleshoot this issue.

Identifying why Onn TV not connecting to wifi.

Why does my onn tv not connecting to wifi

The journey to finding a solution starts by gaining an understanding of the cause. By recognizing what’s causing the issue, you can customize your plan and find the most successful resolution.

1. Common Symptoms

Your Onn TV is experiencing WiFi connectivity issues if,

  • TV is not showing up on the WiFi network list.
  • Error message saying “WiFi connection failed.
  • Slow or unstable connection.

2. Root cause

A variety of factors might be causing your Onn TV’s WiFi connection difficulties, including software problems, signal range restrictions, a problematic WiFi signal, or high levels of network usage by many devices.

Here are the possible reasons

  • Network outages.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Interference from other devices.
  • Other technical issues.

Here’s how to troubleshoot Onn TV WiFi connectivity issue.

In short: To troubleshoot the WiFi connectivity issue on your Onn TV, Press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds. Once the TV is rebooted, reconnect your TV to WiFi.

Before diving into step-by-step instructions, look at the bellow table. This will help you to understand this guide quickly.

Reasons for Onn TV not Connecting to WiFi Solutions
Outdated Firmware Update the firmware on your TV
Incorrect Login Information Ensure that your login information is correct
Network Outages Check for network outages and wait for to resolve
Software glitch Reboot your TV

Step 1: Getting creative

When faced with an issue, it’s common to consider solutions such as restarting the TV or checking the password. But, getting creative and thinking outside the box is sometimes important.

For instance, a signal booster can do the trick, or simply changing the channel on your router may resolve this issue.

Here’s how to change the router channel:

  • Access the router’s web interface using its IP address.
  • Go to the wireless settings page.
  • Choose a different channel from the available options.
  • Save the changes.

Now, try reconnecting your TV to the WiFi again and check if this works.

Note that the steps may differ slightly based on the specific make and model of your router.

Step 2: Alternative Solutions

If changing the router channel doesn’t fix your issue, try the following things.

  • Restart the TV and the router: Unplug both devices for a minute, then plug them back in.Onn tv wifi won't connect fix
  • Check the network connection: Make sure that the router is functioning properly and that there are no other devices on the network that may be interfering with the TV’s connection.
  • Check the network settings: Ensure that your TV is set to the correct network type (2.4GHz or 5GHz) and that the network name and password are correct.Onn tv wifi doesn't connect
  • Check the distance: If your TV is far away from the router, you may experience connection issues. Try moving the TV closer to the router.Wifi not working on Onn tv
  • Disable and re-enable the Wi-Fi on the TV: Go to the TV’s settings and turn off the Wi-Fi, then turn it back on.

Also, check your TV’s time and date. Because time and date have a huge impact on your TV’s ability to connect to the internet.

Step 3: Going Deeper

Basic troubleshooting methods, like rebooting the TV and router, or moving the router, may not solve the WiFi connectivity issue. In such a case, updating the firmware or resetting the TV to its factory settings may be necessary.

Update the TV’s firmware

updating onn tv firmware

Smart TVs typically update themselves when a new firmware version is available, however, it’s possible that you may have disabled this feature. In this case, you’ll need to perform the update manually, without the aid of an internet connection.

Check out this article from Roku’s official website for step-by-step instructions on how to update your Onn Roku TV using a USB flash drive. (Click here)

Factory reset your TV

factory resetting onn tv for wifi issue

In the event that all other troubleshooting steps have failed, a factory reset is a final solution. This process will effectively reset your TV back to its original, default settings as if it was just out of the box.

Remember: any customization or personal settings you have made on your TV will be permanently lost during this reset.

Check-out our complete guide on resetting the Onn TV to its factory setting using a remote or without a remote, and then check if it works!

Step 4: Tackling Advanced Issues

If your TV is still unable to connect to Wi-Fi even after following all the recommended solutions, the cause may stem from other devices causing interference, a malfunctioning router, or hardware faults with the TV’s Wi-Fi adapter or antenna.

In such a scenario, you can reach out to LG customer support for additional help. Alternatively, consider seeking assistance from an expert for a more comprehensive solution


Q: Can one access the internet without relying on WiFi?

Yes, it’s possible to connect to the internet without WiFi by utilizing an Ethernet cable. This option provides a wired connection which offers a more stable internet connection compared to wireless.

Although a wired connection may not be ideal, it can serve as a temporary solution while you seek a better solution for your Wi-Fi issues.

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