How to [Easily] Empty Roomba? (3 Steps for Any Model)

How to empty roomba

Roombas are the best vacuum robots that clean your floors automatically and help keep your home as clean as possible. Roombas can be wonderful additions to any household, but they have one drawback. You must empty your Roomba when it gets full of dirt, hair, or other particles vacuumed during its cleaning cycle. Fortunately, there … Read more

Roomba Error 15 (Fixing in Just 30 Seconds)

Roomba error 15 fix

Roomba Error 15, also known as Charging Error 15, is a problem that occurs, especially with Irobot Roomba j-series, when your Roomba vacuum detects an internal or navigational error that doesn’t let it communicate properly with the home base or the app. As with all errors, it’s important to figure out the cause of this … Read more

Roomba i3 vs i7 -➤Which one Should you Buy?

The Roomba i3 and i7 are both amazing vacuum robots that are sure to cut down on the time you spend cleaning your floors. But there are some critical differences between them that you should know about before making your purchase. In this article, I’ll cover some of the main differences between these two models … Read more

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