LG TV WiFi Turned Off (100% Working Fixes)

how to fix when lg tv says wifi is turned off

If your LG TV is showing ‘WiFi is turned Off,’ it indicates that the TV’s network control module is heavily clogged with dust or damaged somehow. Most of the time, this is the primary reason! Ethan wrote Homespoiler: “I have a 4K LG smart TV, bought it last year during the Black Friday sales. I … Read more

Why TV Screens Are Measured Diagonally?

Why TV Screens Are Measured Diagonally

If someone suddenly asks you, ‘Hey, why are TV screens measured diagonally?’ What would your answer be? Do you really know the exact reasons behind this? Well, this question is somewhat underrated, and approximately 99% of smart TV users don’t know the answer. In this article, I will break down this matter in detail so … Read more