Paramount Global Promotes Two Streaming Veterans to Lead Paramount+ and Pluto TV

Paramount Global, the parent company of Paramount+ and Pluto TV, is a major player with over 80 million subscribers globally.

Yet, it faces challenges like standing out with unique content, keeping users, and boosting revenue.

To tackle these issues, Paramount Global has recently switched leadership roles in its streaming division, which they believe could shape its content strategy and future.

For this, two executives have been promoted to head Paramount+ and Pluto TV.

Jeff Grossman, former EVP of content and business operations at Paramount Streaming, is now the EVP of programming for Paramount+. Amy Kuessner, former EVP of content strategy and global partnerships at Paramount Streaming, takes on the same role at Pluto TV.

Grossman and Kuessner will now manage global content strategy for their platforms, handling content acquisition, licensing, curation, and distribution. They report to Tom Ryan, CEO of Paramount Streaming and co-founder of Pluto TV.

These changes follow Tanya Giles’ departure, the former chief programming officer of Paramount+, in March. Giles played a key role in launching and expanding Paramount+.

Since her departure, Grossman and Kuessner have taken on her responsibilities.

Paramount Global stated that these leadership changes will help the division better use, customize, and showcase content across its streaming services, allowing both brands to grow quickly and build on their success, according to Variety.

However, both platforms will also face some challenges and opportunities in the streaming market.

Paramount+ needs to invest more in original and exclusive content to attract and retain subscribers, as well as to differentiate itself from other premium services by expanding its international presence and reach, as well as to optimize its pricing and bundling options.

Pluto TV needs to secure more content deals and partnerships to expand its content library and channel lineup, as well as to increase its ad revenue and monetization.

The new leadership roles of Grossman and Kuessner could help Paramount+ and Pluto TV address these challenges and  leverage their knowledge and skills to create and curate compelling and engaging content for their respective platforms.

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