Pluto TV Upgrades Home Screen with AI-Powered Functionality and More Features

Today Pluto TV announced an Interesting update!

They’re rolling out a fresh home screen with a lot of exciting changes

Starting on September 25th, it’ll first show up on certain Roku devices, then make its way to Android TV and Fire TV over the next year.

So, what’s new?

Well, this revamped home screen is all about making your TV time even more enjoyable. It’ll suggest things for you to watch based on what you like, and it’ll make it easier to find on-demand shows.

Basically, it’s tailored to your tastes. This cool new look is all about helping you discover and find great shows.

They’re using fancy AI-powered algorithms to help you find shows you’ll probably really like. And they’re mixing up their live TV and on-demand stuff all on the same screen.


Now, some folks might find Pluto TV’s old live TV guide a bit overwhelming. But with this new look, they want to make things more exciting and lively.

Tad Ro, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Pluto TV, said,

“We’re updating things because the way people watch TV is changing. We want to make it easy for you to find stuff you like to watch, whether it’s live or on-demand.”

However, when will everyone get this update?

Well, it’s going to happen bit by bit in the next few months. So, keep your eyes peeled!