Roomba Charging Error 8 (100% Solution)

Charging error 8 is pretty much similar to charging error 5, 15, or 6.

They all indicate the same issue: your robot is not charging.

However, not all Roomba models experience this issue. Specifically, it affects only Roomba 600 and 700 models.

If you are also encountering the same issue, this guide will help you troubleshoot your Roomba and get it working normally again.

Let’s dive into it…

Root Causes of ‘Roomba Charging Error 8’

Why does roomba charging error 8 occue

In general, when a Roomba shows ‘charging error 8’, it means the battery isn’t charging for some reason.

Either the charging station is faulty, or the charging connectors (pins) are dusty.

Aside from these issues, if you are charging your Roomba close to heating sources such as vents, baseboard heaters, or radiators, this could also be a factor.

However, here is a list of potential culprits:

  • Dusty or broken charging connectors.
  • Malfunctioning base station.
  • Improper house wiring.
  • Temporary system glitch.

How to Fix Roomba Charging Error 8

  • Take a soft cloth and dampen it with rubbing alcohol.
  • Use the cloth to wipe all the charging connectors on both the Roomba and the Home Base.
  • Remove the back panel of the Roomba and reset the battery.
  • Now test if the issue has been resolved.


Here are the detailed step-by-step guidelines;

Step 1: Reboot your Roomba

rebooting the roomba to fix error 8

This is almost the first step in troubleshooting.

Often, Roomba experiences temporary system glitch which affects Roomba’s general activity.

In such cases, before checking the connectors or resetting the battery, performing a cool reboot can do the trick.

Rebooting is pretty easy. (You know that)

If you don’t know how to do that, check the user guide for instructions. Because the process varies depending on the model.

Step-2: Clean the charging connectors

cleaning the charging contacts

As I mentioned earlier, dusty charging connectors are the main culprit for ‘charging error 8’.

If rebooting doesn’t fix the issue, check all the connectors of your Roomba and the home base.

You might find these dusty with gunk accumulation or carbon build-up. Take a soft cloth with some rubbing alcohol and then wipe all the connectors. Make sure they are clean the dust free.

Once done, check if the problem has been fixed or not. If not, cleaning the filter and emptying the bin might work.

Proceed to the next step.

Step-3: Reset the battery

resetting roomba battery

Over time, battery contacts within the vacuum are accumulated by carbon build-up due to rough weather or other contributing factors.

Which then causes difficulty in transferring electricity.

To reset the battery:

  • Unscrew the back panel of the Roomba.
  • Then remove the battery.
  • Press and hold the “Clean” button for approximately 15 seconds.
  • Release the “Clean” button and reinsert the battery.
  • Turn the Roomba on by pressing the “Power” button.

If the battery reset did not resolve the problem and the vacuum still displays the same error, then replacing the battery would be the final solution.

Cleaning the filter and emptying the bin is also a good idea. If you’ve already done so, that’s great. If not, please clean it now.

Here’s a video guide:


Q: Nothing worked! What to do?

In this case, you have nothing else to do. Visit your nearest repair shop and discuss the matter.

If your Roomba is under warranty, call iRobot customer care and inform them about the issue. They will assist you with suggestions to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Q: Will resetting fix this issue?

I don’t know that! When I encountered this problem on my 600 model vacuum, I just cleaned the charging points using a soft cloth with some rubbing alcohol, and fortunately, it fixed my issue.

But if none of the above troubleshooting steps fix your issue, you can surely reset your Roomba. Please read our complete guide to reset your Roomba.

Only do this as a last option, and remember to note your essentials settings. Because, after a factory reset, you have to reconfigure your Roomba as well as remap your house.

Q: Can a software update fix Roomba charging error 8?

No, a firmware update will not fix this issue.

This problem is related to Roomba’s charging system, so updating the firmware will not resolve the issue.

However, there is no harm in trying to update the firmware and checking the results.

Q: Does this error affect the vacuuming performance?

Generally, Roomba charging error 8 does not directly impact the vacuuming performance of the robot.

However, if the error prevents the Roomba from charging properly, it may result in reduced battery life or interruptions during cleaning cycles.

Q: Is this covered under warranty?

System error is typically covered under the warranty provided by iRobot.

The specific warranty terms may vary depending on the model and the region where you purchased the Roomba.

If your Roomba is still within the warranty period, contact iRobot customer support to inquire about warranty coverage and potential solutions for the charging error.