Roomba Error 2 (Even With New Brushes)

The solution for ‘Error 2’ isn’t always the same!

Usually, when a Roomba displays Error code 2, it indicates that either the multi-surface rubber brush is clogged with hair or debris or somehow broken.

Most of the time, just cleaning this brush solves the issue, but sometimes you might still notice the same error even after cleaning the brush or replacing it!

Extremely frustrating!

Bela wrote Homespoiler:

Experiencing err 2 for the last few days. Read many article on internet. Cleaned the roller brush very well, but no luck, still the same pesky error 2. I even replaced the brush with new one. Same! Any idea what to do?

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In this article, I will break down everything on how to fix this issue and what to do if you encounter the same error even after cleaning or replacing the brush!

Let’s move on…

First, let’s understand the error!

What does roomba error 2 mean

In simple words: Error 2 indicates your Roomba’s roller brush is obstructed with hair or tangles and for this it can’t spin properly.

Anyway, it’s not just debris that prevents the brush from rotating.

If the gear module is faulty or the motor is malfunctioning, you will also encounter this issue.

Here is a list of possible culprits:

  • Something caught in the brushes.
  • The brushes may need to be replaced.
  • There may be an issue with the motor that powers the brushes.

So, how do you solve error 2 on your Roomba?

  • Turn the Roomba upside down and open the brush guard.
  • Remove the brushes and cut off any hair or debris.
  • Remove and clean the brush caps.
  • Apply some WD 40 in the gears module
  • Once done, put the brush caps and brushes back in place.


Here is the detailed step-by-step guidelines:

Step 1: Power cycle your Roomba

Roomba error 2 fix

This is the basic step!

You may skip but I strongly recommend this as a first step of troubleshooting!

To do this:

  • Turn off the Roomba and then remove its battery.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes, then put the battery back in (still turned off).
  • Let it charge fully overnight—it should be able to charge 100% while still turned off.

Once fully charged, turn the Roomba back on and check if you still get the Error.

If you do not get any error message when turning on your device, you have successfully fixed your problem! Congratulation!

Step 2: Clean the brush and extractors mark

steps to fix error 2 in roomba

If power cycling doesn’t fix your problem, roller brush is obstructed with hair or tangles!

Remember, while cleaning this, you need to be very careful!

If you leave a bit of debris/hair, you will encounter the same error!

fixing roomba error 2 issue
Remove Hairs and Tangls from These!

Here’s how:

  • Turn your Roomba upside down and locate the brush frame release tab on the right side of the cleaning head and press on the tab to lift up the latch.
  • Remove the brushes from the robot and ensure hair and debris are removed. You can use the cleaning tool that comes with your Roomba or a pair of scissors to cut off any tangles.
  • Remove the brush caps from the ends of the brushes. Remove any hair or debris that has collected beneath the caps.
    Reinstall the brush caps.
  • Remove any hair or debris from the square and star pegs on the opposite side of the brushes.
  • Reinstall the brushes in the robot. Match the shape of the brush pegs with the shape of the brush icons in the cleaning head module.

Note: While cleaning the brush, you will notice that one end has a square shape and the other end has two plastic prongs (typically colored green and yellow). Remove the yellow prong part and carefully take out any tangled hair from the brush. Repeat this process for both brush assemblies.

That’s it!

Here’s a video guide from iRobot on how to clean the brush if it’s not rotating:

Roomba keeps saying to clean brushes

It sounds like your Roomba is having trouble with its brushes.

Depending on the model of your Roomba, you may have different types of brushes that need to be cleaned regularly.

Here are some steps to help you clean them:

♦ If your Roomba has bristle and flexible beater brushes (400, 500, 600, and 700 series), you need to remove the brush guard, take out both brushes, clean the brush bearings, and remove any hair or debris from the bristles and the beater.

You can use the Roomba cleaning tool or a pair of scissors to cut through the hair. Then, put everything back into place and close the brush guard.

♦ If your Roomba has multi-surface rubber brushes (800, 900, I series, e series, s series), you need to open the brush guard, take out both brushes and remove any hair or debris from the rubber treads1.

Use your fingers or a dry cloth to wipe them clean. Then, put everything back into place and close the brush guard.


Q: Will resetting fix it?

I don’t know it! When my Roomba had the same problem, I gave the roller brush an excellent clean and put a small amount of WD 40 on the gear. That solved my problem.

You can try once if you want but do it at the very end when there is no other way. Check out our complete guide to resetting your Roomba for a better understanding.