Fixed! Roomba Error 2 (Just do 3 Things)

Roomba Error 2 is one of the most common problems with the Roomba robots that causes the device not to work or show that its battery has gone dead, even though it’s been fully charged for several hours.

Luckily, this issue can be fixed relatively quickly and doesn’t require you to send the device away or replace any parts, saving you both time and money.

What does Roomba Error 2 mean?

What does roomba error 2 mean

iRobot Roomba “Error code 2” means that the device’s brushes cannot rotate. A few different things can cause this Error:

✔ There may be something caught in the brushes, preventing them from spinning.

✔ The brushes may need to be replaced. If they are worn down, they will not be able to rotate correctly.

✔ There may be an issue with the motor that powers the brushes.

Now you know the reasons why this Error could happen. Keep reading to understand how to clean the brush and what to do if nothing works!

Fixing the Roomba error 2 issue

In short: To fix this Error, first, reboot your Roomba. If it does not work, then,

  • Clean The front wheel.
  • Remove any hair and tangles from the brush.
  • Shot some wd 40 is where the rollers go and the end where the gears are.
  • Clean the main gear and brushes motor.

However, there are many different ways to fix this issue. Not all of these methods will work for everyone, so I will take some time going over each one so that you can figure out which one works best for you.

1. Reboot your Roomba

Roomba error 2 fix

The first step to fixing this problem is checking that your power adapter is working correctly. It might be as simple as plugging it into another device or outlet in your home.

If you have another adapter, plug your Roomba into that and ensure your adapter is working. Follow the below steps,

  • First, turn off your Roomba, unplug it, and remove its battery.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes, then put the battery back in and plug your Roomba back in (still turned off).
  • Let it charge fully overnight—it should be able to charge 100% while still turned off.

Once fully charged, turn your Roomba back on and check if you still get the Error. If you do not get any error message when turning on your machine, you have successfully fixed your problem!

2. Clean the brush and extractors mark

steps to fix error 2 in roomba

If rebooting doesn’t fix your problem, check and clean any hair or debris from Roomba’s side brush and roller brush.

Roomba’s side brush is responsible for sweeping debris away from walls and into the vacuum path while the roller brush collects and sends them into the trash. Over time, these two brushes can become clogged with hair and tangles, preventing them from doing their job effectively.

However, as mentioned, the main reason for Error 2 is a stuck or clogged or stuck brush; cleaning the brush may fix this problem. To clean your Roomba’s side brush, follow the below steps.

  • First, loosen the side brush with a small screwdriver.
  • Remove the brush.
  • Remove any tangles from the side brush.
  • Lubricate the brush module.
  • Finally, reinstall the side brush.

If the side brush doesn’t spin or is stuck, you have to clean the side brush module. For this, read our detailed explanation on how to fix the Roomba brush if it is not spinning. Additionally, check and clean the roller brush. To do that, follow the below video guide:

Pro Tips: When you take the brushes from your specific model to clean them, there are two ends: one is square, and the other has two plastic prongs. When the yellow prong half (the side across from the square end) is randomly pulled off, a thick spool of hair appears. Clear out all of the knots from both brush assemblies, and your problem should be fixed!


1. Nothing worked! What to do?

If none of the above methods fix the problem, contact iRobot customer care or call a professional to look into it.

2. Will resetting fix it?

I don’t know it! When my Roomba had the same problem, I gave the roller brush a good clean and put a small amount of wd40 on the gear. That solved my problem.

You can try once if you want but do it at the very end when there is no other way. Check out our complete guide to resetting your Roomba for a better understanding.

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