Roomba keeps Beeping on charger? (Do this 4 things)

Even though Roomba is a highly efficient robotic vacuum cleaner, the constant beeping and the “uh oh” sound it makes while charging, can be a real pain for anyone.

A lot of people have complained about this issue. Despite its cleaning abilities, the beeping issue on the charger can make the Roomba feel more like a demanding child or senior citizen than a useful household appliance.

Well, In this article, I will explain why your Roomba keeps Beeping on the charger and what things you have to do to troubleshoot this issue.

Understanding the Beeps

why roomba beeping while charging

When your Roomba is charging, it may make a variety of different beeps. Some of the most common beeps include:

  • A single beep: Your Roomba has successfully connected to the charger.
  • A series of beeps: Your Roomba is charging correctly.
  • A continuous beep: There is a problem with the charging process, such as a low battery or a problem with the charging dock itself.

Since your Roomba is continuously beeping on the charging dock, the battery or the charging station is likely malfunctioning or damaged.

Stop Roomba from beeping on the charger

In short: Simply reboot your Roomba. If the problem persists, the battery or charging dock may be the cause. In this case, consider replacing them. View the battery price here.

Before replacing the battery or charging station, try the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Reason Solution
Roomba not properly seated Properly seat Roomba on the dock
Charging dock malfunctioning Replace charging dock
Battery is damaged Replace battery
Roomba software is outdated Update Roomba software

Step 1: Make sure the charging dock is dust-free

seating roomba on charging dock properly

Over time, dust, dirt, and carbon can accumulate in the dock, making it difficult for the Roomba to charge properly.

This is because a build-up of gunk or rust on the charging connectors can impede the flow of electricity, leading to insufficient power supplies.

Make sure the charging ports and the connectors are dust-free. Take a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol and then clean off any dust and debris from the charging dock.

Similarly, if the caster wheel is stuck or clogged with hair or tangles, Roomba will also experience difficulty seating on the dock. Because the caster wheel aims to keep the Roomba at the proper height and provide sufficient space under the device.

If the Roomba’s caster wheel is dirty, it can prevent the Roomba from making a proper connection with the dock.

Step 2: Reboot your Roomba

rebooting the roomba to fix beeping issue

If the charging dock isn’t the problem, rebooting can help. Roomba may often experience a temporary system glitch that forces it to behave unusually.

Who knows, if this continuous beeping issue on the charger causing due to this temporary glitch? However, here’s how to reboot your Roomba:

  • Press and hold the HOME and SPOT Clean buttons for 10 seconds
  • When the lights flash, release the button
  • Wait for the reboot to complete.

Once done rebooting, charge your Roomba again. Now check if the problem has been fixed!

Step 3: Check for any available system update

updating roomba firmware to solve beeping issue on charger

Check if there is any firmware update available for your Roomba. Irobot release regular OTA update to increase Roomba’s functionality and fix any minor software bugs.

My friend (Hamza) once jokingly said, “Even Roomba can have a meltdown and need a little therapy.”

However, if rebooting doesn’t fix this beeping issue, consider updating the firmware. Irobot has a dedicated page for this. You can check it from this link.

You can also perform a factory reset. But remember, this will remove all of your saved configurations and customized maps.

Step 4: Replace the battery/Dock

battery or charging dock has damaged

Now, it’s clear that the battery on your Roomba is having issues since none of the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned above were successful.

Roomba batteries are affordable and you can find one suitable for your model on Amazon.

However, Roomba may also beep while charging due to an issue in the charging dock. So, If replacing the battery doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to replace the entire docking station.

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Q: Why is my Roomba beeping while charging?

The beeping noise indicates that there is an issue with the charging dock or a problem with the battery.

This could be caused by a malfunction or damage to the charging dock, or the battery may be worn out and in need of replacement.

Q: What should I do if my Roomba keeps beeping on the charger?

First, try replacing the battery. This is a common solution for this issue and you can easily do this by purchasing a replacement battery that is compatible with your Roomba model.

If the beeping continues, it is necessary to replace the charging dock. You can do this by either purchasing a new dock or having a professional service the device.

Q: How do I know if my Roomba charging dock needs to be replaced?

If the dock is visibly damaged or the Roomba continues to beep while charging even after replacing the battery, it may be necessary to replace the charging dock.

You can also check for any warning signs such as the Roomba not charging properly or the dock not holding the Roomba in place.

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