Roomba Won’t Dock? (Do this 5 Things)

A descriptive guide in fixing Roomba’s docking issue

Have you ever noticed that when you tell your Roomba to dock, it just beeps? Have you ever been frustrated with this, particularly if your Roomba is stuck in the corner of the room and can’t make it to the docking station? If so, don’t worry! You aren’t alone!

Docking” is one of the most basic functions of the Roomba vacuum cleaner. Your Roomba wont dock because it can’t find its home base due to a dirty or damaged sensor.

There are also plenty of reasons why this might happen, ranging from an incorrectly set up docking station to damage to the Roomba’s own brain. But you can fix it and get it up and running in no time with the following simple steps.

Why is my Roomba not docking?

Why is your Roomba wont dock

Your Roomba isn’t docking because something is preventing it from correctly docking into its charger station or it’s having problems navigating back to the dock. This could also mean that dust or debris has accumulated on the charging contacts and is preventing the machine from connecting with the home base.

💡So, the following are common reasons why your Roomba may have trouble docking.

  • Maybe the charging connector is dusty and your Roomba didn’t find them.
  • There may be some objects in the bumper and in the path of the docking station.

OK, let’s move to the solutions…

What to do if your Roomba won’t dock properly?

Roomba not docking

In short: To troubleshoot Roomba’s docking issue, first make sure that the charging dock is plugged into a working outlet and that the Roomba has a clear path to the charging station, free of wires or obstructions. Next, clean the sensors and the charging contacts on both the Home Base and the Roomba.

So, the process to fix the problem is:

✔ First, check the charging cable carefully for any signs of damage. Then connect the charger to the wall power outlet and ensure that the power indicator is solid green. As soon as the charger is plugged into the home base, double-check that it is properly inserted.

✔ Recheck the virtual walls since the virtual wall lighthouse can prevent your Roomba from docking. Then clear any strange objects from the bumper and the docking station’s path.

✔ Clean any dust from the Roomba and home base’s charging connector with dry Eraser Sponges. Cleaning the charging contacts will also help you to avoid charging issue too.

mark You should also look into some of the following things that could be causing your Roomba to malfunction. For example:

  • Find and remove any debris from behind the docking unit, as well as the vacuum cleaner.
  • Locate any obstructions that may be blocking the sensors and remove them.
  • Look for faulty Roomba cleaner sensors.
  • Check to see if the docking station pins are working properly.

What if the avobe solution doesn’t work?

Roomba still wont dock

If the vacuum is working properly but just not docking, a reset could fix the problem. To reset your vacuum, long-press the Clean button for a minimum of 20 seconds. When you press the “clean” button, you will see “r 5 P” with a blue light flashing in the display and hear a tiny beep. Try docking it once again to see whether it returns to its home base.

But remember, after a factory reset, you have to remap your Roomba. Try backing up your map or other saved configuration.

You can also contact iRobot customer care service or call a professional to look into the problem. The good news is that, if you are covered with warrenty, you could get a free repair service from iRobot.


Q. How does a Roomba find its dock?

Roomba uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to find its way home. First, it uses infrared sensors to detect obstacles and identify potential paths. Then, it uses a combination of wheel sensors and cliff sensors to map out its surroundings.

Once the Roomba has built a map of its environment, it uses an algorithm to calculate the best path back to its dock.

Q. Why does my Roomba take so long to dock?

The first reason is that the dock itself may be dirty or obstructed, preventing the Roomba from aligning correctly. Another possibility is that the Roomba’s battery is low, causing it to move more slowly.

Finally, it’s also possible that the Roomba’s sensors are dirty or faulty, preventing it from correctly detecting the dock.

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