Some Local Channel Still Missing on DirecTV, But They Say ‘It Will Return Soon’

After a 76-day-long disagreement between DirecTV and Nexstar, they finally resolved their issue last week.

Since then, most of the missing channels have come back, but some local channels are still unavailable.

For example, some viewers are still waiting for their beloved ABC channel to come back.

Regarding this issue, we posted a meme on our official X (formerly known as Twitter) account and tagged DirecTV to bring attention to the issue.

Surprisingly, DirecTV responded quickly to our tweet and explained the situation. Their official response said:

“Local stations began coming back immediately, and most have returned. Any that have not yet returned will be back soon. DIRECTV appreciates your patience during this process.”

So, if you’re still waiting for your local channel, don’t worry. DirecTV says it’ll be back soon.

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