Symptoms of a Bad T-Con Board of TV: What You Need to Know

Typically, the common symptoms of a bad TV T-con board are:

  • Vertical or horizontal lines on the screen.
  • Flickering or fluctuating brightness.
  • Ghosting or image persistence.

These are some of the signs among others, and there are many other symptoms as well!

In this article, I will walk you through the symptoms of a faulty T-con board in a TV, how to test if the T-con board is malfunctioning, and how you can replace it.

Let’s move on…

What is T-Con Board on a TV

What is T-Con Board on a TV

T-Con board is a circuit board responsible for controlling the timing and processing of video signals in a TV.


Now you might ask,

“What exactly does the T-Con Board do?”

Well, “T-Con” stands for “timing controller,” and its primary function is to generate voltage levels for each pixel on the screen while also adjusting the picture’s brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other settings.

Here’s how it works:

First, the T-con board gets video signals from the main board. These signals are like instructions, but they’re in a digital code. It takes these codes and turns them into signals that tell each dot on the screen how bright and colorful to be.

Then, these signals go to the LCD panel, which uses liquid crystals to change the color and brightness of each dot based on the signals it gets.

Common Sign of a Faulty T-con Board

  • Colors with low contrast and turning white or dark over time
  • No picture or sound, but the TV has backlights.
  • Colored vertical or horizontal lines on the screen.
  • Half of the screen is missing or distorted.
  • Flickering or dimming of the screen.
  • Gentle white flashes.


1. Flickering Screen

flickering tv screen is a symptom of faulty t-con board

When your TV’s T-Con board is malfunctioning, one of the most noticeable symptoms is a flickering screen.

This means that the display alternates rapidly between different brightness levels, making it challenging to watch content.

This issue occurs because the T-Con board fails to accurately process the incoming video signal, causing the screen to flicker erratically.

2. Horizontal or Vertical Lines

Horizontal or Vertical Lines on tv

Another telltale sign of a faulty T-Con board is the appearance of horizontal or vertical lines on the screen.

These lines can be either thick or thin and may extend across the entire display or only affect a portion of it.

Such anomalies are the result of the T-Con board’s inability to properly distribute the video signal to the LCD panel, resulting in the creation of these unwanted lines.

3. No Picture or Black Screen

no picture but the backlight is ok is the sign of fauly t-con board

If your TV has no picture or a black screen, most of the time it’s due to a bad T-Con board.

As I mentioned earlier, T-Con board is responsible for processing the video signal and distributing it to the LCD panel to create the image.

If the T-Con board is not functioning properly, it can result in a black screen or no picture.

In some cases, a bad T-con board can cause the display panel to fail, and in other cases, a faulty display panel can cause a new T-con board to fail.

4. Color Distortion

tv color distoration

If you observe unusual color distortions on your TV screen, such as washed-out colors, excessively bright hues, or overly dark shades, it is likely due to a faulty T-Con board.

This component is responsible for processing color information within the video signal.

When it malfunctions, it fails to accurately interpret and present the correct colors on the screen, resulting in these distortions.

Causes of a Bad T-Con Board

cause of a faulty t con board on a tv

There are several reasons why a T-Con board can fail.

One of the most common causes is overheating. If the TV is placed in a location where it does not get proper ventilation, the T-Con board can fail.

Here’s the explanation:

⇒ Too much electricity: If there is a sudden change in the amount of electricity that goes to the TV, it can break the T-Con board or some of its parts, especially if the TV does not have a device that protects it from too much electricity.

⇒ Too much heat: If the TV gets too hot, it can make the T-Con board or some of its parts not work well or burn out, especially if the TV does not have enough space for air to flow or something to cool it down.

⇒ Bad quality: Some T-Con boards may have problems or mistakes in how they are made, which can make them stop working sooner or without any warning.


Q: How can I tell if my TV’s T-Con board is faulty?

Common symptoms of a bad T-Con board include distorted or no picture, color issues, flickering, horizontal or vertical lines on the screen, and image ghosting.

If you experience any of these problems, your T-Con board may be the culprit.

Q: Can a bad T-Con board affect only certain parts of the screen?

Yes, it can. T-Con board problems can manifest as issues in specific areas of the screen.

You might notice that only a portion of the display is affected, which is a clear indication of T-Con board trouble.

Q: Are T-Con board issues repairable, or do I need to replace the entire TV?

T-Con board issues are repairable, and in many cases, replacing the T-Con board can solve the problem.

It’s a cost-effective solution compared to buying a new TV, assuming the rest of the TV is in good condition.

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