TCL Roku TV Not Turning On (Light is On/No Light)

If your TCL Roku TV is not turning on, the most likely reason is that the TV isn’t receiving any power.

However, if the status light is on or blinking red, there may be an issue with the backlight or the main control board.

Sah Romij wrote Homespoiler:

“I have had this TCL TV for the last two years. To be honest, it’s amazing. But this morning, while trying to power it on, it doesn’t respond. My TCL TV won’t turn on, but the light is on. Sometimes its status light blinks red, and sometimes it remains solid. What could be the issue?”—Sah Romij, India

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Let’s dive in…

Understanding The Reasons

some reasons why tcl roku tv may not turn on

Whenever a TCL TV won’t turn on, there will invariably be some form of indication.

For example, the standby light might be on, you could hear sound but see no picture, or the picture might appear very dark or dim.

Here’s what I mean:

  • TV’s standby light is on: If your TCL Roku TV won’t turn on but the light is on, TV is in standby mode. The problem is with the remote control or the TV’s IR receiver.
  • TV has sound but no picture: If you can hear sound but cannot see any picture, the T-con board, display panel, or backlight may have been damaged.
  • TCL TV no standby light: If your TCL TV has no standby light, then it is not receiving any power. In this case, the issue could be with the power source or internal power supply of the TV.

How To Fix This Issue?

  • Perform an HDMI reset
  • Replace the AC Adapter and the power outlet.
  • Clean the TV’s internal IR receiver.
  • Replace the main power board.


Here are the detailed guidelines:

Step 1: Verify Your Power Setup

tcl roku tv stopped turning on checking the power cord

Let’s start with some simple but effective steps.

I know these are something no one even wants to hear. But these often really work!

First, make sure the power cord is securely plugged into both your TV and the wall outlet. If your TV uses an AC Adapter, check that it’s functioning properly.

Next, test the power outlet where your TV is connected. You can do this by plugging in a mobile charger or any other working device.

If the outlet seems faulty, consider replacing it.

If the power cord looks fine from the outside, there could be internal damage. I suggest getting a new power cord and testing if it works.

Step 2: Reset the HDMI connection

resetting tcl roku tv's hdmi connection

This step is similar to power cycling, but it goes one step further.

During power cycling, you simply drain the power from the TV’s internal components. However, with the HDMI reset, you will essentially be resetting all the HDMI devices and their connections.

However, here’s how:

  • Completely unplug your TV from the power outlet.
  • Also, disconnect all HDMI cables connected to the TV.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • During this time, press and hold the TV’s power button for about 30 seconds. (Be sure to hold it firmly)
  • After that, power the TV back on.

That’s all there is to it.

Now, check if the TV turns on properly. If your TCL TV still won’t turn on, move on to the next step.

Remember to unplug any USB drives or similar devices from the TV during this process. I mean, disconnect all peripherals from the TV.

Step 3: Clean the TV’s Internal IR Receiver

cleaning tcl roku tv's ir sensor

I’m not talking about the remote’s IR.

Just like remotes, TVs also feature a built-in internal IR receiver that picks up signals from the remote.

But, over time, a phenomenon, known as “IR sensor drift” or “IR sensor degradation” occurs, which happens due to prolonged exposure of the sensor to infrared signals from the remote.

The IR receiver on the TV is typically made of a semiconductor material that detects infrared light.

However, with this continuous exposure to IR signals, the semiconductor material in the receiver slowly degrades or becomes desensitized.

As a result, it becomes less responsive to the remote’s commands.

Here’s how to clean it:

  • Open the back panel of the TV using a Screwdriver.
  • Find the IR receiver.
  • Gently clean it using a very soft cloth.
  • Once done, reattach the TV’s back panel.

Now, check again if the TV turns on properly.

Step 4: Resetting the Remote Control

tcl roku tv stopped turning on resetting the remote

You never know, maybe the remote you’re using to turn on the TV is acting up!

It’s not out of the question!

If you believe the batteries are still good, try resetting the remote. (Chances are it’ll likely fix the issue.)

To do this, take out the batteries from the remote and wait for 60 seconds. During this time, press all the buttons one by one, paying special attention to holding the power button for 10 seconds.

Once you’ve done that, put the batteries back in and see if the TV turns on now.

Tip: You might want to consider replacing the batteries at this point (just to be sure).

Step 5: Perform a Factory reset

resetting the tcl tv to the factory settings

It’s a dumb solution and typically I don’t recommend this either, especially when your TCL Roku TV isn’t turning on.

Still, it’s worth a shot.

If your TV isn’t turning on because of a firmware issue, this method might help.

Just keep in mind that if the reset is successful, you’ll lose all your downloaded apps, customized settings, and personal stuff.

However, I have already written an article detailing the exact process of resetting a TCL Roku TV step by step in a previous article.

So, I don’t want to write it again.

If you don’t know how to reset, here’s the link to that article you might want to read.

Nothing worked. What’s wrong?

tcl roku tv power board failer

The problem here lies with the TV’s internal circuit board.

I know that you might not be able to identify and replace the faulty parts yourself (unless you’re a very experienced DIYer).

But just for the sake of understanding, here’s an explanation of potential issues with the circuits:

Issue 1: Failed Electrolytic Capacitors

Inside the TV’s power supply board, some electrolytic capacitors distribute the power as per the power logic.

Unfortunately, these capacitors can deteriorate and stop working properly over time, especially when exposed to high temperatures or used for extended periods.

When these capacitors fail, they interrupt the power supply and prevent the TV from powering on.

Fixing these faulty capacitors demands specific equipment and soldering abilities, so it’s best left to an experienced repair technician who can replace the problematic parts.

Issue 2: Faulty Power MOSFETs

Power MOSFETs are semiconductor devices utilized in power supply circuits to regulate the flow of electrical power.

These components can malfunction for several reasons, such as excessive heat, voltage spikes, or manufacturing defects.

When a MOSFET fails, it disrupts the power supply’s normal operation, resulting in issues like the TV not turning on.

However, detecting a faulty MOSFET requires specialized knowledge and equipment, including a multimeter and an oscilloscope.

Issue 3: System Control Board Failure

Often, the primary reason for a TCL Roku TV not turning on is a problem with the system control board.

The system control board is like the TV’s manager, responsible for handling different tasks.

It takes care of things like understanding the signals from the remote control, managing inputs from various sources, and starting up the TV.

If the system control board gets damaged because of faulty components or physical harm, it can prevent the TV from turning on or cause other malfunctions.

In such situations, the only solution is to replace the main control board to bring the TV back to life.


Q: Why does my TCL Roku TV keep turning off?

If your TCL Roku TV turns on but then turns off again shortly afterward, it could be due to a number of reasons, such as overheating or a software issue.

Check to make sure the TV is not blocked by any objects that could be blocking its vents and causing it to overheat.

You could also try resetting the TV to factory settings, which can sometimes fix software issues.

Q: Can a power surge cause my TCL Roku TV not to turn on?

Yes, a power surge or electrical storm could potentially damage the TV’s power supply or other internal components, preventing it from turning on.

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