TCL Roku TV sound problems/Not working

Troubleshooting TCL Roku TV sound problems

On a typical Saturday evening, I was anticipating the airing of the latest episode of my preferred program on my TCL Roku TV. I had been eagerly awaiting this moment all week and couldn’t wait to sit back and relax on my couch.

However, upon pressing play, I soon realized that something was amiss. The sound was muffled and barely audible though the picture was fine, regardless of my attempts to adjust the volume. I initially assumed there was a problem with my audio system and spent the next hour attempting to modify the settings to rectify the issue.

Despite my efforts, the sound remained distorted and frustratingly quiet. Frustrated, I turned to the internet for assistance and discovered a forum full of individuals experiencing similar issues with their TCL Roku TVs. I was able to learn that this was a common issue with TCL Roku TVs and that there were a few simple steps I could take to resolve it.

Although the experience was frustrating, I was glad to have been able to troubleshoot and solve the problem on my own. Now, I want to share with you those steps that helped me troubleshoot my problem. I hope this will help you too.

Why is my TCL Roku TV having no sound?

why is my tcl roku tv has no sound

An Incorrect setting or wrong input is the major culprit for this issue. According to some TV experts, aside from wrong sound settings or input, this issue can also happen due to a TV’s software glitch or malfunctioning speaker ( whether it is built-in or external).

In general, the following are the major culprits when a TV stops providing sound:

  • Wrong sound settings or cable connection
  • malfunctioning speaker
  • TV’s software glitch or firmware issue
  • TV’s hardware failure

How to fix TCL Roku TV sound problems?

Checking the audio cable connection and sound settings is the first thing you should do to fix your TCL Roku TV sound problems. If that doesn’t work, factory reset your TV.

Ok, let’s dive into the detailed solution. But before that, take a look at the bellow table for a better understanding of this problem.

Reasons Solutions
Loose HDMI Secure the cables
Internal software issues Reboot/Factory reset your TV
Malfunctioning Speaker Replace the Speaker

Step 1: Check your TV’s sound settings

checking TV's sound settings

Start by checking your TV’s volume settings, whether you turned it down or pressed the mute button on your Remote mistakenly.

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes just making sure your TV isn’t muted or set to a very low volume can solve the problem. Because People tend to overlook the obvious.

Also check the volume on other connected devices (if you use set-top boxes, external speakers, soundbars, and gaming systems.) These may have their separate volume controls, such as a remote or physical knob.

Step 2: check the cable connection

checking cable connection

Depending on which device you use (whether it’s a speaker or soundbars) you’ll likely see different cords coming out of the back of your TV, and maybe one of them could be affecting your audio.

Cables are vital for sending sound and video. In some cases, an old and malfunctioning cable cause a bunch of issue,s and who knows, this could be the culprit for your TCL TV’s audio issue.

So, make sure the cables (whether it’s HDMI or speakers cord) are undamaged and securely plugged into the correct inputs. Remember that HDMI 1.0 inputs can only support 1080p and lower resolutions, not all high-definition formats.

While checking the cable, it’s a good idea to unplug and replug them. This will help to secure the connection from gunk accumulation and make the input ports more stable.

If you notice any damage sign in the cable, replace it with a new one and then check again.

Step 3: Try changing the content you are watching

changing content

It’s likely that the TV source/program you’re watching is having issues, whether it’s an over-the-air broadcast, cable or satellite service, DVD or Blu-ray player, DVR, gaming console, or apps (streaming channels).

Change the TV channel, input, or app to see if the issue is only with what you’re currently watching. I mean, if you watching a show on Hulu and its sound isn’t working, try moving to Netflix and see if it works.

Step 4: Reboot your TV

tcl roku tv sound issues

Fear not, it’s just a simple thing. At the beginning of this article, I defined ‘software glitch’ as a major reason for the sound issues. Almost 87% of smart TV users claimed that a simple reboot fixed their TV’s minor issues like lagging, freezing, audio issue so on.

So, rebooting is worth of try, and here’s how to force reboot your TV:

  • Turn off your TV and unplug it from the power source.
  • Then press and hold the power button (not the reset button) for about 30 seconds.
  • Finally, plug it back in.

Now check whether your problem has been fixed. If not, proceed to the next step.

Note: If your TV’s firmware/software is outdated and an update is available, update it now. Because outdated software can also cause this audio issue. Here’s how to update your TCL Roku TV.

Step 5: Factory reset your TV

factory resetting tcl roku tv

Some online guides suggest changing the TV’s audio settings. But I don’t think it’s necessary. There is an easy way to restore your TV to its default state and hopefully, it can resolve your TCL Roku TV’s audio issue.

Yes, I am talking about ‘factory reset. You know how effective it is in recovering a device from corrupted or firmware malfunctioning. If you reset your TV, chances are that you may find your TV’s sound working again.

Thankfully, we covered this article before with a step-by-step guide on how you can reset your TCL Roku TV. Click on this link.

Keep in mind that: A factory reset will erase all of your previous settings and revert it to the default state as brand new. So, make sure you keep noting your important things.

Step 6: Check the speaker

fixing tcl roku tv audio issue

If none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps help you fix the issue, your TV’s external or internal speaker has been damaged.

To ensure, try connecting a different speaker to your TV. If it works, you must replace your TV’s internal speaker. But if not, visit your nearest TV repair shop.


In conclusion, if your TCL Roku TV sound is not working,

  • Make sure the audio settings are configured correctly.
  • Ensure the audio cables are securely connected and are undamaged.
  • Make sure your TV is updated and the speaker is working perfectly.
  • But if all these are Ok, factory reset your TV.
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