Don’t Do These Things to Your TV – You’ll Regret It Later!

World is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, and having a Smart TV has become a staple in most households.

However, owning a TV is not just about making the purchase but also taking proper care of it to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Unfortunately, many TV owners usually make some common mistakes that often destroy their favorite Television set.

Well, in this article I will break-down some things you are doing (might be mistaken) that are shortening the life of your smart TV.

here we go! Let’s dive into it…

1. Placing the TV in direct sunlight

don't put your tv under direct sunlight

Back in the day, when smart TVs were first introduced, direct sunlight was a major issue. TV companies warned users not to place their TV in direct sunlight.

Today, leading TV producers like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio have integrated advanced technology into their TVs and claim that their TV will not be affected by direct sunlight.

But is this true?

Well, Only LCD TVs can survive in direct sunlight. OLED and LED TV is suspectable to damage due to UV radiation and high storage temperature.

However, extreme or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can still cause damage to your TV screen whether you use LCD, LED, or OLED.

Similer to dust too! Don’t put your TV in a room that gets a lot of dust. Dust can damage your TV’s internal components and cause your TV to overheat.

2: Mounting the TV above a Fireplace

don't mount your TV over a fireplace

I know, you may want to mount your TV above the fireplace to save some space. But believe me, there couldn’t be a worse place to put a TV.

At first, mounting your TV above a fireplace may seem like an excellent idea, but it may ruin the life of your TV.

This is because when your fireplace is in use, smoke, and soot enter your TV screen, which then impacts the quality of the picture and even damages the screen.

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3: Spilling harsh chemicals on your TV screen

don't use any chemicals when cleaning tv screen

TV owners often opt to use harsh chemicals like Ammonia or Alcohol to clean the screen instead of using a natural solution.

They do this thinking that these harsh chemicals may do the best job in cleaning. But in the end, they are damaging their TV.

Don’t do this ever! (Never ever)

When cleaning the screen, only use a microfiber cloth with water or a vinegar solution.

4: Not using a Surge Protector

use a surge protector

Sudden power surges are a frequent problem these days.

But if you don’t take precautions to secure your TV, you will end up crying over the damage.

A good surge protector can save your TV from this type of unwanted occurrence. So if you haven’t purchased a surge protector for your TV yet, buy one now and set it up correctly

5: Attempting to repair your TV yourself

don't repair tv yourself

Some handy people have proper DIY skills and are adept in repairing their home electronics themself like replacing burning components or back-light.

This is rare!

But if you don’t have these DIY skills, don’t even try this!

Attempting to repair a TV without proper DIY skills is a very difficult and dangerous task. If you are not familiar with electrical equipment, you could seriously injure yourself or cause permanent damage to your TV.

It is best you contact a professional TV repair service to avoid any potential hazards.

6: Not keeping upright while moving

keep your tv upright while mooving

It’s also a great mistake that can lead your TV to permanent damage.

Most televisions these days are built with flat-screen displays.

The reason you shouldn’t lay a flat-screen TV down is that it puts unnecessary stress on the screen. The weight of the TV can cause the screen to crack or even shatter.

If you must lay your TV down, make sure you put something soft underneath it, like a pillow or a blanket. This will help distribute the weight evenly and prevent the screen from being damaged.


Q. Is it okay to leave my TV on for extended periods of time?

It’s generally not recommended to leave your TV on for long periods when not in use. Doing so can lead to screen burn-in and increase the overall power consumption, potentially shortening the lifespan of your TV.

Q. Can I place objects on top of my TV?

It’s not advisable to place objects on top of your TV. TVs need proper ventilation to prevent overheating, and obstructing the vents can lead to performance issues and potential damage.

Q. Is it fine to ignore software updates for my smart TV?

Ignoring software updates is a huge mistake.

These updates often include important bug fixes, security patches, and new features that enhance your TV’s performance and protect it from potential vulnerabilities.

Q. Can I clean the inside of my TV on my own?

No, don’t even try to do this ever!

The internal components are delicate and sensitive. If you suspect any issues or need maintenance, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance.

But as mentioned earlier, if you have proper knowledge and DIY skill, you are good to go!