Tubi is Launching GPT-4 AI To Help You Find Shows and Movies

Remember the days when you had to type keywords to search for a specific movie or show? Well, those days are over!

Now, you can have some AI fun.

Tubi, the popular video streaming app, is adding a game-changing feature called “Rabbit AI” to its app.


This feature will help you find exactly what you want to watch, and it’s going to change how you discover movies and TV shows in your feed.

Instead of just suggesting movies and shows based on their genre and title, Rabbit AI can answer your questions, like “Can you recommend funny shark movies?” The AI will then give you a list of amusing shark-themed films.

Tubi describes it as a friend you can ask for movie recommendations. You can ask Rabbit AI what kind of movie to watch or specify your preferences.

For example, you could say, “I want to see funny shark movies,” and Rabbit AI will provide you with a list of relevant titles.

You can even save these titles to your personal list for later.

Blake Bassett, Tubi’s senior product director, talked about the benefits of this collaboration, saying,

“At Tubi, we have a vast library and use personalization and machine learning. With Rabbit AI, we’re making discovering content enjoyable once again.”

Rabbit AI is initially launching in beta for Tubi’s iOS app users in the U.S. It will become more widely available in the coming weeks. Tubi has also made the Rabbit AI plugin for ChatGPT accessible to subscribers on Open AI.

In a nutshell, finding something to watch on streaming platforms like Tubi, with their extensive libraries, can be a real challenge. It often leads to endless scrolling and switching between apps.

But with this exciting partnership, Tubi aims to simplify the process, making it easier for you to find content that matches your preferences, even on a Friday night.

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